Assault on Fort Sanders: Regimental Map

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The Seventy-ninth Highlanders, New York Volunteers in the War of Rebellion, 1861-1865. Albany, Press of Brandow, Barton & Co., 1886. [PUBLIC DOMAIN]
I'm working on a regimental history of the 16th Georgia, Wofford's brigade, so am particularly interested in the November 29, 1863 Assault on Fort Sanders. Descriptions usually say that Humphreys Mississippi brigade (formerly Barksdale's); Bryan's Georgia brigade (formerly Semmes'); and Wofford's Georgians assaulted the fort, with Tige Anderson's brigade following up. That, of course, is correct but, as far as I know, no one has ever made a map showing the...
Research Letter Transcription Help - 1860 Farming
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I'm trying to transcribe this Civil War Letter [Broun, William to Roswell Bascom Broun, Charlottesville, VA, December 3, 1860] and there are a few words I can't figure out. This is the last page of a four page letter.

Here is what I have. The question marks in brackets are the words I can't decipher. The author is talking about farming corn and using some sort of machine. "Mulch" perhaps?

...and my crop is a very short one. We have gotten the [?] machine in successful operation. I am told it performs finely. I have not seen it since it has been put to work. Mr. Rice is working it now. I want to move it over and commence working it after Christmas. A man over in Mr. Rice's...

Photo collage CDV by Alexander Gardner of Grant's 1864-1865 campaign. Possible lost photos included?

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gardner cdv.jpg

Very interesting photo collage CDV published by Alexander Gardner. All photos I believe were taken c. 1864-1865. I recognize most of them but some I do not believe I have seen before which I will go into in my next posts.

If you want to reference a certain photo, you can use coordinates such as "A1" to identify the first photo at the very top, extreme left.

From Getty. Source...

Mounting guard, Fort Wagner, Morris Island, 1865.

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Unknown Union regiment undergoing inspection arms prior to a guard mount.

★★★ -Forgotten Officer Friday on Monday - Col. John Goff Ballentine Sr.

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John Goff Ballentine Sr.

Colonel Ballentine.jpg

Born: May 20, 1825

Birthplace: Pulaski, Tennessee

Father: Andrew Mitchell Ballentine 1791 – 1863
(Buried: Maplewood Cemetery, Pulaski, Tennessee)​

Mother: Mary Tuttle Goff 1805 – 1890
(Buried: Maplewood Cemetery, Pulaski, Tennessee)​

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Laird 1832 – 1917
(Buried: Maplewood Cemetery, Pulaski, Tennessee)​


Sallie Leverette Ballentine 1856 – 1944​
(Buried: Maplewood...​

Rescue 911 Civil War

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I loved watching this show man I swear 1990's I miss them days. This was one of the best episodes ever.
A man suffers a heart attack while participating in a Civil War reenactment in Felton, California on May 26, 1990

1861 Colt percussion Navy .36
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UPS delivered my 'new' original Colt 1861 .36 Navy round barrel yesterday.

IT FOLLOWED ME HOME HONEY' Then I got THE know what THE LOOK IS...right.
I have to take her to Scotland next really is a nice gun...
Maybe they have guns in Scotland.....
picture here.
all sn match including wedge, tight action, etc. 100% varnish on grips. civilian model...1863 made..
20th Maine Markers
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As has been noted in others threads, the fall is a great time to visit battlefields because it is easier to see thangs that get hidden in the heavier foliage of the summer. Yesterday, I visited the principal monument for the 20th Maine, as well as the flank makers. The left flank marker shows the refused line looking back toward the principal monument. In the right flank marker photo, you can see the statue of brigade commander Strong Vincent atop the 83rd Pennsylvania Monument. With leaves out of the way, I was even able to get a photo with both markers in the same frame.
20th ME L flank.jpeg
20th ME R flank.jpeg
20th ME both flanks.jpeg


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 ★  -Happy Birthday General Dumont

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Ebenezer Dumont


Born: November 23, 1814

Birthplace: Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana

Father: John L. Dumont 1787 – 1871
(Buried: Vevay Cemetery, Vevay, Indiana)​

Mother: Julia Louisa Corey 1794 – 1857
(Buried: Vevay Cemetery, Vevay, Indiana)​

Wife: Mary Ann Cheek 1822 – 1907
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana)​


Mary Fannie Dumont Braden 1840 – 1934​
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis...​

What will you do on Rememberance Day 2020?

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