#8 Meme 2021

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caption credit: @DixieRifles

Running/navigation Lights On Blockading Ships?

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Does anyone know what kind of running/navigation lights were required on the blockading ships during the war? Apparently one can tell a lot about a ship by its lights at night. I was able to find this in Wikipedia:

"In 1838 the United States passed an act requiring steamboats running between sunset and sunrise to carry one or more signal lights; colour, visibility and location were not specified. In 1846 the United Kingdom passed legislation enabling the...

Authentic Varina Howell Davis' Pound Cake

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Varina Howell Davis (Library of Congress)

This recipe is from the personal collection of Varina Howell Davis, Jefferson Davis' wife. Her original recipes were given to Beauvoir by her daughter, Margaret (pictured below).

Varina Howell Davis' Pound Cake

12 eggs
1 lb. sugar
1 lb. butter
1 lb. all-purpose flour
1 wine glass of wine

Cream the butter, stir the sugar into it, separate eggs, beat very light, mix in the ingredients, bake very slowly.

This is Margaret's wedding portrait. She was the only one of the Davis children to marry, bear children, and outlive her parents. On New Year's...

Caption This! #9 2021

“All Confederates were Looked upon as British Men-of-War flying New Colors as a Sham”
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I don't know if this is the right place to put this "sailor's tale," but it doesn't really seem to fit under "The Naval War." Then, it's not really a tale, either, just an excerpt from a longer narrative by an old salt named John Brogan. Brogan was a career navy man, serving first on the USS Sabine, a sailing frigate of the old navy, and later as fireman on the steam-frigate USS Niagara, after her refitting and re-commissioning in 1863. Thirty-three years later, he wrote a lively account, replete with old-timey sailor lingo, of the first, midwinter cruise of the Niagara off the icy coast of New England and Nova Scotia. It wasn't a particularly significant cruise, though...

Poisonous Fabrics

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Last night, at a Zoom session of a genealogy group, one of the members (from Yorktown, VA) brought up the issue of quilts and dresses that were made with that lovely shade of nile green. It turned out that the color was achieved with arsenic. In light of the discussion on chemical dependencies in earlier times, I rooted about for information about the other sorts of horrors to which women were exposed and found this: https://www.thimblesandacorns.com/judging-a-cloth-by-its-color-part-3/

Green wasn't the only color with difficulties. Who'd have thought that attendance at balls might lead to illness--or, even, an...

03-05-21 It's Gonna Blow!

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Irish-born, I immigrated to America in the 1840s. At the beginning of the Civil War, I wrote to the Confederate Secretary of War offering to
become a purchasing agent for Confederate supplies in the Trans-Mississippi Department. Later, while serving on the staff of General Price,
I invented an unusual explosive device.

Who am I?
What was the explosive device?

credit: @sarladaise

Joshua Chamberlain in 1/30 scale.

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My wife and I went out to breakfast and then to antique store and quilt shops in a town about 60 miles away. My wife found plenty of things that interested her but I did not find much. She wanted me to purchase something so I got this W. Britain 1/30 scale Joshua Chamberlain.

cham 3.jpg
cham 4.jpg

Off and on I paint Civil War figures in 1/32 scale but this one is all ready painted and I am not sure what to do with it. The 1/32 scale
figures and this 1/30 scale figure are nearly the same but Chamberlain is a bit bigger.

Do we have forum members who purchase W. Britain Civil War figures?

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COL Warner, Adoniram Judson

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Adoniram Judson Warner


Born: January 13, 1834

Birthplace: Erie County, New York

Father: Levi Warner 1794 – 1849

Mother: Hepzibah Dickinson 1800 – 1854

Wife: Susan Elizabeth Butts 1833 – 1916
(Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio)​


Elmer Warner 1857 – 1862​
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C.)​
Julia Belle Warner Woodbridge 1858 – 1943​
(Buried: Chattanooga Memorial Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee)​

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