CivilWarTalk Throwback Thursday, 6 - 24 - 2021

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Just the thing for a hot summer's afternoon - a cool, refreshing beverage out on your deck or patio - but even better if they're served in one of these nifty Civil War Centennial mugs from 1961! These were an example of only one of the many "giveaways" or tie-in items available at the time, given by a Virginia gasoline distributor I've unfortunately now forgotten. I acquired ONE of these during the motor trip my mother took me on in July, 1961 to attend the reenactment of First Bull Run/Manassas outside Washington, D.C. that I've mentioned here before. In our entire trip from Texas to Pennsylvania and back, we only saw these offered in Virginia at...
Ammunition Train, Brandy Station, Va.
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Brandy Station, Va. (vicinity) 1864

The ammunition train had the right of way over everything else in the army, short of actual guns and soldiers, when there was any possibility of a fight. The long, cumbrous lines of commissary wagons were forced to draw off into the fields to the right and left of the road, or scatter any way they could, to make way for the ammunition train. Its wagons were always marked, and were supposed to be kept as near the troops as possible. Soldiers could go without food for a day or two if necessary; but it might spell defeat and capture to lack ammunition for an hour. This...

"Beat to quarters!" F&D music aboard ship remains elusive

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During the Civil War, each ship in the Navy was assigned two Marine musicians: a fifer and a drummer, and it's difficult to find detailed information about what tunes and camp duty they played, which manuals they used, etc.

However, the USS Constitution Museum has an informative website that includes a section on this topic, although from an earlier era. Nevertheless, it's likely that their Civil War counterparts on the USS Constellation and other ships followed the same music manual during the Civil War (a book by U.S. Marine Drum Major Charles Stewart Ashworth titled, "A New, Useful, and Complete System of Drum Beating… intended...

My last work, Virginia Cavalry 1861

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6th Virginia Cavalry,Company K, Loudoun Cavalry
prova 1.jpg

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POTCS Davis, Jefferson Finis

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Jefferson Finis Davis
President of the Confederate States of America

President Davis.jpg

Born: June 3, 1808

Birthplace: Christian County, Kentucky

Father: Samuel Emory Davis 1756 – 1824
(Buried: Beauvoir Confederate Cemetery, Biloxi, Mississippi)

Mother: Jane Cook 1759 – 1845
(Buried: Davis Family Cemetery, Woodville, Mississippi)

1st Wife: Sarah Knox Taylor 1814 – 1835 (Married: September 15, 1835)
(Buried: Locust Grove Cemetery, Saint Francisville, Louisiana)

2nd Wife...

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The American Civil War

The American Civil War, arguably the most traumatic event in the history of the United States, was fought from 1861 to 1865, and was the culmination of sectional issues which deeply divided the country between a pro-Federal government North and a pro-states rights, in the pro-slavery South, whose eleven states formed a breakaway government called the Confederate States of America. The costliest war in terms of human lives, the American Civil War claimed in excess of 620,000 battle or disease-related deaths - roughly two percent of the country's total population, and nearly more deaths than all other American wars combined.

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