April 2, 1865, Day 1,452 of the Civil War

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Richmond circa 1830’s
Painting by G. Cooke

It’s the first Sunday of the month and communion is being served at St. James Church in Richmond. As the sacrament of The Lord’s Supper is beginning the sexton brings a message to a gentleman sitting amongst the congregants. General Samuel Cooper is the recipient and he immediately leaves the service. There are anxious glances among the attendees but as the war has surrounded them for the past four years, this isn’t necessarily alarming. What they are not aware of is the fact that in another church, another message has been delivered to...​

Journey of the Confederate Wounded on the Retreat from Gettysburg

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On July 4, 1863, seriously wounded Confederates who could stand the travel during the retreat were placed into army ambulances and wagons (frequently empty forage or ammunition wagons), or even in private conveyances that had been confiscated in Pennsylvania. Below three examples (more to follow later) identify the type of vehicle, the occupants, their regiment and other details. The source is always one of the wounded occupants, as noted. Rarely identified is the teamster who drove the vehicle, although he was usually a member of the same regiment.

The data was pulled together to better understand how the wagon train of wounded was...

Antietam - The Miller Cornfield wargame

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Last year I posted photos of a game centred on the Sunken Road at Antietam. This year I have decided to refight the morning clash in the Miller Cornfield. Here are some photos of the table. I will post more photos as the game develops if people are interested.
Miller Farm Orchard and Cornfield.jpg
View down the Smoketown Road.jpg
View from the Mumma Farm.jpg
View over the West Woods.jpg
View from the Confederate gunline.jpg
View into the Cornfield from the Union Position.jpg
USCT Appomattox Veteran
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Rare Image of USCT Appomattox Veteran Found / from History.net

One of the Checkerboard: Thousands of United States Colored Troops made the march to Appomattox, but no identified photograph of any of them has been found until recently.
The United States Colored Troops present at Appomattox in April 1865 made history...​
New Springfield 1861 - How did I do??
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I picked this Springfield 1861 up from a local college kid recently who wanted to sell it for funds for a Glock. I know "buy the rifle not the story" but the story is that his great grandfather left it to him and that his great grandfather had originally gotten from a female friend who lived a little east of us near Gettysburg - it was found on their farm. Don't know if it's true but I wanted to show the rifle to you all and see how I did - Picked it up for under $500 so I figured that it was a safe purchase and everything checked out when I looked it over.

I already have an excellent condition original Springfield 1863 so was excited to have one that shows actual use - and this one...

Hall's Sicilian Vegetable Hair Renewer

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Image source - Wikimedia Commons

"The hair is the natural accessory to personal comeliness.." stated R. P. Hall in his pamphlet on hair care. But age and ill health, not to mention inferior hair care products, can rob hair of its natural beauty. Luckily, Mr. Hall has a solution. Literally. Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer was first put on the market in 1864 by Rueben Hall. The formula, Hall claimed, had been given to him by an Italian sailor - hence the Sicilian in the name. Hall's Renewer, a mix of water, glycerin, herbs, and lead, could be used as a shampoo or a conditioner. The formula was changed n later years to include a...
Former Prisoners of War and Longevity
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This is a follow up to last week's survey about how old folks' Civil War ancestors who were Prisoners of War lived to be.

Thank you to everyone who responded. For the purpose of this inquiry, we're just looking at the life span of men who survived being interred in a Civil War prison, so if you answered but your ancestor didn't make it out alive, I'm saving that information for another day and they aren't included on the chart below.

For those of you who are coming in late, a friend of mine, Deb Wallsmith, who is THE expert on Camp Lawton, the prison camp in Millen, Georgia, told me that her findings were that survivors of Millen tended to either die within the first year or so of...
A snowy Shiloh! Feb 2021
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@16thAL and I went to shiloh today since we were able to actually get out and drive after all this snow and got some good pics which I will post in a few minutes


Just before reaching the confederate monument

Confederate monument

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COL Warner, Adoniram Judson

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Adoniram Judson Warner


Born: January 13, 1834

Birthplace: Erie County, New York

Father: Levi Warner 1794 – 1849

Mother: Hepzibah Dickinson 1800 – 1854

Wife: Susan Elizabeth Butts 1833 – 1916
(Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio)​


Elmer Warner 1857 – 1862​
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Washington, D.C.)​
Julia Belle Warner Woodbridge 1858 – 1943​
(Buried: Chattanooga Memorial Park, Chattanooga, Tennessee)​

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