Say What Saturday: W H Brearley on Hand Grenades

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William H. Brearley, Company E 17th Michigan recorded his memories of the East Tennessee campaign in a book entitled Recollections of the East Tennessee Campaign : Battle of Campbell Station, 16th Nov., 1863, siege of Knoxville, 17th Nov.-5th Dec., 1863 published in 1871, but in October 1883, he submitted an article to the National Tribune that includes some additional recollections. Although this description of the use of hand grenades on November 29, 1863 against the assaulting columns at Fort Sanders isn't the most graphic one I've read, his description of the aftermath paints a vivid picture of the result:

"I went...
Botany Bay Plantation WMA-Bleak Hall Plantation
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An avenue of Oaks leads down the entrance road to historic Botany Bay Plantation WMA.
You are now on the grounds of Bleak Hall Plantation. Walk through the black gate, and you will see two small buildings, both built in the 1800's.
The white building to the left is referred to as the Ice House. The building was a multipurpose structure used as a carriage house,
the drying of crops, and general storage, as well as an ice house. Beneath the floor boards of the building is a storage pit that was used to
store ice. The ice was cut from rivers and lakes in New England and brought down on tall ships where it was insulated in saw dust. The
small tabby structure served as a gardener shed for...
Help with "photo" of a Merrill order paid by customer
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I couldn't find any better place to post this, so hope it's okay. I just received a Merrill, Thomas & Co. customer order and payment received. Please anyone who has better cursive experience and abbreviations of materials & goods sold. Looking for thoughts on Freeman's first and middle name initials, couple of abbreviated materials, I figured out "Received 'Pay't'" for payment, then no clue who X.X. Merrill is. J(ames).H. Merrill or his eldest son William (not sure middle name) would be the only two I think could have been signator. William was born in 1842, and second son Charles was born in 1846. William was mentioned as involved in the company in an 1864 newspaper...

Foto Friday --Decoys

Longstreet's Assault on Fort Sanders

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Assault on Fort Sanders.JPG

From Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. (1888). United States: Century Company, Volume 3, page 731.

During her research, @lelliott19 found a newspaper article in German and asked for help with the translation. The Minnesota Staats-Zeitung printed on December 19, 1863 on page 2 the following article:

Assault on Fort Sanders_newspaper.JPG

If you can read and understand German, do give this a try. It's hard to decipher if you're not used to the Fraktur font, but the archaic wording is quite interesting. I thought...

COL -Cram, George Henry

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George Henry Cram


Born: January 22, 1838

Birthplace: Shamokin, Pennsylvania

Father: Jacob Kram 1790 – 1855

Mother: Susan Bush 1805 – 1890

Wife: Frances M. Dodge 1852 – 1933
(Buried: Oakdale Memorial Gardens, Davenport, Iowa)​

Occupation before War:

Merchant before the War​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Captain in 9th​ Kentucky Infantry Regiment​
1862: Wounded during the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee​
Massachusetts Medal miniature
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I have a miniature of the Massachusetts Medal that is different than any other I’ve seen in that, attached to the ribbon, it has the Great Seal of the U.S. attached. Can anyone tell me anything about this medal? Would it have belonged to an ACW veteran? I’ve tried researching it but have found that information about this medal is sketchy, and sometimes contradictory, so would appreciate any information that you can provide.


Trivia 11-27-2020 The One and Only

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A total of 64 men were awarded the Medal of Honor for actions at the Battle of Gettysburg. Only one of those men is buried in the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Name the one who is buried in the Gettysburg National Cemetery and the regiment with which he served during that battle. (Note that a correct answer must specify either Infantry, Cavalry, or Artillery.)

*hint* This question is based on a thread that appeared relatively recently on CivilWarTalk.

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 ★  -Happy Birthday General Dumont

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Ebenezer Dumont


Born: November 23, 1814

Birthplace: Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana

Father: John L. Dumont 1787 – 1871
(Buried: Vevay Cemetery, Vevay, Indiana)​

Mother: Julia Louisa Corey 1794 – 1857
(Buried: Vevay Cemetery, Vevay, Indiana)​

Wife: Mary Ann Cheek 1822 – 1907
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana)​


Mary Fannie Dumont Braden 1840 – 1934​
(Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis...​

What will you do on Rememberance Day 2020?

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