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glad you liked my post, not everyone did. i got carried away and strayed from keeping it within historical bounds. it's a hot button issue with
me. i'm sorry to those who were offended and thank those who weren't.
ps. central pa, amish? i'm from the northeast coal region, which has quite a history of it's own.
I see you are still "liking" my post to Trice re perpetual. I'd like to ask you something, further about it, if you respond.
Yes, you're welcome to ask. I've said a lot of the same things in past discussions, though I think you've done a better job than I did in pointing out some of the problems with regarding the Union as always being the same. I think it clearly changed, and states left the old one to join the new. The components of the Union and the Confederacy were the same, the structure that the components formed was not.

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