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The book that the movie 'Gettysburg' was based on, this book is a classic example of "if the movie was good, then the book was probably excellent..." A must read fictionalized version of the events surrounding the battle, but written to keep many historic events somewhat close to the truth. Not a bad way to get someone who is disinterested in the battle up to speed and interested in the men, the movements, the sentiment, and the sacrifice they all made. Just read it!
By far my favorite book on Civil War Artillery! A book my dad had when I was a kid and I used to page through just for the pictures. It might have some dated information, but it has some of the most detailed coverage that you won't find in any other book, or else it was covered in this book first. Lot's of tables, lots of esoteric information, but that's what we want! This book showed every other author out there "how to write a book on artillery".
One of my first books on Civil War Artillery, it has good coverage of Hunt and how he managed the battlefield. It has a narrow focus on this one part of the battle which I like, but it may not fully cover every aspect from every angle the way a reader might want. I think it's fully worth a read if you are interested in Artillery at Pickett's Charge!
This book tells the “real” history on Grierson’s raid. I always considered this raid as a minor diversion by just 2 Union cavalry regiments. What good could that produce. Smith shows how the Grant’s forces 7 individual probes into Northern Mississippi and Vicksburg with a week so he could secretly place his main forces across the Mississippi River south of Vicksburg.
Grierson’s raid was carried out with good planning, its own diversion and some lucky breaks. He created so much confusion that the Confederate response was moving the wrong direction and the wrong time.
The book is full of maps that show the paths his brigade followed and every site they camped. It includes many eye witness accounts and observations from Grierson’s own journal.
Highly recommend it.
It is excellent. Powell filled in some blanks Wiley Sword left out. Highly recommend anything Powell writes. Short and easy to read.