★★★ Grace, William

William “Battling Billie” Grace

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Born: 1830

Birthplace: Ireland

Occupation before War:

Contractor for Nashville & Northwestern Railroad Company​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Captain of Company B, 10th​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment
1862: Major of 10th​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment​
1862: Prisoner of war at Fort Donelson, Tennessee​
1862 – 1863: Lt. Colonel of 10th​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment​
1863 – 1864: Colonel of 10th​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment​
1864: Mortally wounded during the Battle of Jonesboro, Georgia​

September 1, 1864

Place of Death: Jonesboro, Georgia

Cause of Death: Gun Shots to the Stomach

Age at time of Death: 33 or 34 years old

Burial Place: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee
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MacGavock was killed in 1863 at Raymond wasn't he? From what I've read the 10th went through 4 colonels during the war.
Yes MacGavock got killed at Raymond. Adolphus Heiman of Prussia was the original Colonel and commanded a brigade at Fort Donelson before he died of illness in 62. I don't know who #4 would be; maybe from the 30th with which it was consolidated