★ ★  MOH Sickles ,Daniel E.

Major General Daniel Edgar Sickles


Born: October 20, 1819

Birthplace: New York City, New York

Father: George Garrett Sickles 1800 – 1887
(Buried: Beechwoods Cemetery New Rochelle New York)​

Mother: Susan Marsh 1799 – 1878
(Buried: Green – Wood Cemetery Brooklyn New York)​

Wife: Teresa DaPonte Bagioli 1836 – 1867
(Buried: Green – Wood Cemetery Brooklyn New York)​

Wife: Carmina Creagh 1840 – 1919


Laura Buchanan Sickles 1853 – 1891​
(Buried: Green – Wood Cemetery Brooklyn New York)​
George Stanton Sickles 1872 – 1939​
Elizabeth Sickles 1894 – 1981​


Attended New York University​
Apprenticed as a Printer​
Studied law at office of Attorney Benjamin F. Butler – (Not CW Gen.)​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in New York City, New York​
1847: Member of New York State Assembly​
Served as Major in 12th Regiment of New York State Militia​
After war Sickles.jpg
1853: Corporation Attorney of New York City, New York​
1853 – 1855: Secretary of U.S. Legation at London​
1853 – 1855: Wore his militia uniform while serving in London​
1856 – 1857: New York State Senator​
Censured by New York Assembly for escorting prostitute in Chamber​
1857 – 1861: U.S. Congressman from New York​
1859: Killed Philip Barton Key II​

Civil War Career:

1861: Colonel of 70th New York Infantry Regiment​
1861 – 1862: Brigadier General Union Army Volunteers​
1862: Congress refused to confirm his commission as General​
Sickles Leg Bone, on display at National Museum of Health and Medicine, 2007, Wikipedia, by HLJ.
1862: Used his political connections to receive his recommission​
1862 – 1863: Brigadier General Union Army Volunteers​
1862: Commander of Excelsior Brigade at Battle of Seven Pines​
1862: Recruiter of troops in New York during Second Bull Run​
1862: Stationed on lower Potomac during Battle of Antietam​
Friend and Ally to Major General Joseph Hooker​
1862: His division was held in reserve Battle of Fredericksburg​
1863 – 1865: Major General Union Army Volunteers​
1863: Commander 3rd Army Corps Army of the Potomac
1863: Showed his ability to command at Battle of Chancellorsville​
1863: Known for his role at the Battle of Gettysburg, PA
1863: Wounded in right leg causing amputation at Gettysburg
Received Brevets in United States Army as Brig and Major General​
1865: Sent on Secret Confidential mission to Colombia​
1865 – 1867: Commander of South Carolina and Second Military Dist.​
1866–1869: Colonel United States Army 42nd Infantry Veteran Reserves​
1869: Retired from United States Army as Major General​

Occupation after War:

1869 – 1874: United States Minister to Spain​
1876: Helped Rutherford B. Hayes get elected President​
1888 – 1889: Chairman New York State Civil Service Commission​
1890: Sheriff of New York City, New York​
Chairman of New York Monuments Commission​
1893 – 1895: U.S. Congressman from New York​
Sponsor of legislation to form Gettysburg National Military Park​
1897: Recipient of the Medal of Honor for his role at Gettysburg​

Died: May 3, 1914

Place of Death: New York City, New York

Cause of Death: Cerebral hemorrhage

Age at time of Death: 94 years old

Burial Place: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia

Medal of Honor
The President of the United States of America, in the name of Congress, takes pleasure in presenting the Medal of Honor to Major General Daniel Edgar Sickles, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism on 2 July 1863, while serving with U.S. Volunteers, in action at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Major General Sickles displayed most conspicuous gallantry on the field vigorously contesting the advance of the enemy and continuing to encourage his troops after being himself severely wounded.


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I have to confess to a guilty affection for Dirty Dan -- an interesting, if not exactly admirable figure. His greatest achievement by far was godfathering the Gettysburg National Military Park.
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"The whole d*mn Park is my Memorial!"​

And Happy Birthday 20th of October, ... and all who sail in her.

Sickles gets a bad rap but he wasn't that bad. He was arrogant, rash, hot-headed, and generally a jerk but he was a competent general and personally brave.