CS Η Michel, Dr. William Middleton

Dr. William Middleton Michel

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January 22, 1822

Birthplace: Charleston, South Carolina

Father: Dr. William Michel

Mother: Eugenia Ash Fraser

Wife: Cecilia Smith Inglesby 1844 – 1920 (Married 1866)
(Buried: Saint Peters Episcopal Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina)​

Children: (10 All Together)

Herbert Fraser Michel Unknown – 1955​
(Buried: Westover Memorial Park, Augusta, Georgia)​
Dr. Henry Middleton Michel 1875 – 1958​
(Buried: Summerville Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia)​


1835 – 1837: Studied Medicine at the Penson Labrousse, Paris, France​
Studied Medicine in France under Richet Cruveilhier, Coste, Longet​
1845: Graduated from Ecole de Medicin, Paris, France​
1847: Graduated from Medical College of South Carolina​

Occupation before War:
Anatomy Professor in France​
Medical Doctor in Charleston, South Carolina​
Owner of Summer Institute Private Medical School in Charleston, South Carolina​

Civil War Career:
Surgeon in the Confederate Army​
Surgeon of the Manchester, Virginia Confederate Hospital​
Known as one of the finest Surgeons in the Confederate Army​
Surgeon on the Staff of General Joseph E. Johnston​
Editor of the Confederate Medical and Surgical Journal​

Occupation after War:
Physiology & Medical Jurdiprudence Professor, South Carolina Medical College​
1868 – 1894: Professor at South Carolina Medical College​
Associate Editor of Charleston, South Carolina Medical Journal​
1880 – 1883: President of South Carolina State Medical Society​
Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​
Member of the American Association for Advancement of Science​
Member of the Society of Natural History of Paris, France​
1889: Testified in the murder trial of Dr. Thomas Ballard McDow​

Died: June 4, 1894

Place of Death: Charleston, South Carolina

Age at time of Death: 72 years old

Burial Place: Saint Peters Episcopal Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina
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