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CSN Maury, Matthew F.

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Apr 11, 2016
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Matthew Fontaine Maury

Born: January 14, 1806

Birthplace: Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Father: Richard Maury 1766 – 1843
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Mother: Diana Minor 1768 – 1843
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Wife: Ann Hull Herndon 1811 – 1901
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​


Elizabeth Herndon “Betty” Maury 1835 – 1903​
(Buried: Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.)​
Bettie G. Maury 1835 – 1907​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Diana Fontaine “Nannie” Maury Corbin 1837 – 1900​
(Buried: Fredericksburg Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Virginia)​
Lt. Colonel Richard Launcelot Maury 1840 – 1907​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Lt. John Herndon Maury 1842 – 1863​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)
Maury 1.jpg
Mary Herndon Maury Werth 1844 – 1928​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Matthew Fontaine Maury Jr. 1849 – 1887​
(Buried: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio)​

Occupation before War:

1825 – 1861: Served in the United States Navy rising to Commander​
Midshipman abroad the frigate Brandywine
Studied the Seas and how to record methods of navigation​
His leg was broken by a stagecoach accident​
Officer – in – charge of the United States Navy Office in D.C.​
Advocate of the theory of Northwest Passage to the North Pole​
Advocate for reform of the United States Navy​
Advocate for a transcontinental Railroad​
Leader for a scientific conference that met in Brussels​
U.S. Representative International Meteorological Conference
Started a campaign to force Brazil government to open navigation of Amazon River​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1865: Commander in Confederate States Navy​
Confederate Chief of Sea Coast, River and Harbor Defenses​
Tried to get other countries to try to stop the American Civil War​
Confederate Commissioner of Weights and Measures​
Perfected an “electric torpedo” raising havoc with northern shipping​

Occupation after War:

Chairman of Physics for Virginia Military Institute​
Author of The Physical Geography of Virginia
Advocate for the creation of Agriculture College in Virginia​
1870: Served as Pallbearer at the funeral of General Robert E. Lee
1871: President of University of Alabama​
Speaker in Europe about co – operation of Weather Bureau for Land​

Died: February 1, 1873

Time of Death: 12:40 PM

Place of Death: Lexington, Virginia

Last Words: “All's well”

Original Burial Place: Gillham Family Vault, Lexington, Virginia

Burial Place: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia
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I've read where Maury (after the war) served briefly as a cabinet member to Emperor Maximilian in Mexico before returning to England. What position did he serve as?
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