What is this? CSA Import --- Belgium?


Sep 1, 2014
Chicago, IL
Really? What is it? Faked??
Yes. Making anything Confederate adds value. Federal p1853 Type 3 Enfields are rarely over $2,000 unless they have provenance to an individual/unit/battle. Add an engraved buttplate and a stamp to it, and the value doubles, triples, etc. Even more if there is a Southern state marking. The English Connection goes into detail about Confederate markings on muskets. None were marked "CSA".

Lanyard Puller

Nov 29, 2017
South Carolina
I don't think one so marked, with a period mark has yet to be found. There are not any imported arms {known to date} which have a legitimate "CS" stamp.

The "CSA" stamped on your gun is done with individual dies, in a more modern font, stamped on top of the pitting. It is very poor attempt to increase the value of the gun, probably to an uninformed buyer.

In the world of Confederate collecting, Fakes abound. The collector had better know what he's looking at, or be prepared to have a display of the stuff on a "Wall of Shame".


Feb 2, 2021
Hagerstown MD
I'd like to see a photo of that!
I refuse to propagate the myth :smile: Actually I gently sanded a good bit of it with 1000 grit paper so I have an unnatural shiny spot which pisses me off. I'll age it once it warms up a little with some ammonia in a plastic bag. Nothing says provenance like CSA etch penciled... :eek: