USN Alden, James Jr. - Captain

James Alden Jr.


Born: Mach 31, 1810

Birthplace: Portland, Maine

Father: Captain James Alden Sr. 1775 – 1853
(Buried: Eastern Cemetery, Portland, Maine)​

Mother: Elizabeth Tate 1780 – 1824
(Buried: Eastern Cemetery, Portland, Maine)​

Wife: Sarah Ann Thompson 1815 – 1889
(Buried: Eastern Cemetery, Portland, Maine)​

Occupation before War:

1828 – 1834: Midshipman for United States Navy​
Assigned to the Naval Station at Boston, Massachusetts​
Served in the Mediterranean on the U.S.S. John Adams
Served on 2 World Tours with United States Navy​
1834 – 1841: Passed Midship for United States Navy​
1838 – 1842: Went on his voyage​
1840: Saw action at Malolo in the Fiji Islands in Punitive Expedition​
1841 – 1855: 1st Lt. United States Navy​
Executive Officer for U.S.S. Porpoise
Assigned to the U.S.S. Constitution during Capt. Percival’s Cruise​
1846 – 1847: Served in the Home Squadron during Mexican War​
1847: Served in the Capture of Vera Cruz, Mexico​
1847: Served in the Battle of Tuxpan, Mexico​
1847: Served in the Second Battle of Tabasco, Mexico​
1847 – 1849: Inspector of Provisions and Clothing in Boston, Massachusetts​
1849 – 1851: Served on the United States Coast Survey​
1852: Surveyed from San Francisco, to San Diego, California​
1852 – 1861: Commander of U.S.S. Steamer Active
1855 – 1866: Commander in United States Navy​
1859: Served in the Pig War​

Civil War Career:
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1861: Commander of U.S.S. South Carolina for relief of Fort Pickens​
Transferred blockade duty off Galveston, Texas​
Captured 13 Confederate Schooners off Galveston, Texas​
1863 – 1871: Captain in United States Navy​
Commander of U.S.S. Richmond when Union fleet passed Ft. Jackson​
1864: Commander of U.S.S. Brooklyn at Battle of Mobile Bay, Alabama​
1864: Served in the attacks at Fort Fisher, North Carolina

Occupation after War:

1866 – 1871: Commodore in United States Navy​
Commander of U.S.S. Susquehanna, and U.S.S. Minnesota
Commandant of Mare Island Navy Yard​
1869 – 1871: Chief of U.S. Navy, Bureau of Navigation​
1871 – 1873: Rear Admiral of the United States Navy​
1871 – 1873: Commander of U.S.S. Wabash​
1872: Placed on Retired List, but stayed in command until relieved​
1873: Sailed for his home on the U.S.S. Brooklyn

Died: February 6, 1877

Place of Death: San Francisco, California

Age at time of Death: 66 years old

Place of Death: Eastern Cemetery, Portland, Maine
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
His hesitating momentarily while at the helm of the USS Brooklyn in Mobile Bay at the sinking of the monitor USS Tecumseh by a torpedo is what caused Admiral Farragut to utter those famous word "**** the torpedoes! Full speed ahead"!


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He again commanded the USS Richmond in the successful passage of Port Hudson on the night of March 14-15, 1863.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He also commanded the USS Brooklyn at the second attack on Fort Fisher where it lost 3 wounded and 2 missing.

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