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August Von Willich


Born: November 19, 1810

Birthplace: Braunsberg Province, East Prussia

Father: Johann Georg N.W. Willich

Mother: Elisabeth Michalowski 1781 – 1851


Attended Military Academy at Berlin​
Learned the trade of Carpenter​

Occupation before War:

Early Embraced the teachings of Karl Marx and firm believer​
1828 – 1846: Served in the Prussian Army rising to 2nd​ Lt.​
1853: Immigrated to the United States​
Carpenter in Brooklyn, New York​
Editor of German Language labor Newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio​

Civil War Career:

1861: Adjutant and Lt. of 9th​ Ohio Infantry Regiment​
1861: Major of 9th​ Ohio Infantry Regiment​
1861: Served in the Battle of Rich Mountain, Western Virginia​
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 32nd​ Indiana Infantry Regiment​
1861: Led his men at the Battle of Rowlett’s Station, Kentucky​
1862: Commended for his leadership at the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee​
1862 – 1865: Brigadier General of Union Army Volunteers​
1862: Served in the Battle of Perryville, Kentucky
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1862: Captured at the Battle of Stones River, Tennessee​
1862 – 1863: Prisoner of War held at Libby Prison​
1863: Paroled by the Confederate Army in May​
1863: Division Commander at the Battle of Chickamauga​
1863: Served in the Battle of Chattanooga, Tennessee​
1864: Brigade Commander in the Atlanta Georgia Campaign​
1864: Wounded at the Battle of Resaca, Georgia​
1864 – 1865: Union Army Post Commander in Kentucky​
1865: Brevetted Major General for his service in the War​
1865: Resigned from the Union Army on October 21st​

Occupation after War:

Hamilton County, Ohio Auditor​
Traveled to Germany during the War between Germany and France​
Offered his Services to William I of Germany​
Attended lectures by Karl Marx​
Suffered from Paralysis from Arm and his hand​

Died: January 22, 1878

Place of Death: St. Marys, Ohio

Age at time of Death: 67 years old

Burial Place: Elm Grove Cemetery, St. Marys, Ohio
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
His capture at Murfreesboro was due to his having his horse shot out from under him while leading a brigade. He was held prisoner until May 1863. His wound to the shoulder at Reseca was so severe that he had to give up field duty.

Luke Freet

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Nov 8, 2018
Attended lectures by Karl Marx
Really weird, seeing one of Marx's peer's in the Communist party commanding Union troops in the war. If I recall, he and Schimmelfennig were both members of the wing against Marx that was more directed towards previous socialist doctrines. I am certainly no expert though.
Certainly they weren't the only pro-communist Generals the army has had. I believe Smedley Butler was probably one, though I need to read more on him, could be wrong and I was making assumptions.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He offered his service to Wilhelm l of Germany but it was rejected due to age. This is the same monarch that he tried to dethrone years before and had to flee Europe because of.