★★★ -Wilkes, William Henderson

William Henderson Wilkes:
Born: April 8, 1833
Colonel Wilkes.jpg

Birthplace: Raymond Mississippi
Father: Richard Wilkes 1805 – 1833
Mary C. Henderson 1810 –
1st​ Wife: Melvina A. Holt 1836 – 1883
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Waco Texas)
2nd​ Wife:
Sarah Irene McConnell 1858 – 1922
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Waco Texas)
Ada Wilkes – 1873
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Waco Texas)
John Ray Wilkes 1857 – 1912
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Waco Texas)
Minnie E. Wilkes Shaw 1859 – 1929
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Waco Texas)
William Orville Wilkes 1863 – 1940
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery Waco Texas)

Graduated from University of Nashville Medical School

Occupation before War:
Marshall County Tennessee Medical Doctor

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: 1st​ Lt. Company D 53rd​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment
1862: Captain Company D 53rd​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment
1862: Captured at Battle of Fort Donelson Tennessee
1862: Exchanged in Prisoner of War Exchange in September
1862: Lt. Colonel of 53rd​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment
1862 – 1863: Colonel of 53rd​ Tennessee Infantry Regiment
1863: Resigned on February 25th​ because of consumption

Occupation after War:
Medical Doctor in Giles County Tennessee
Medical Doctor in Waco Texas
Editor of Waco Telephone Newspaper
Mayor of Waco Texas

Died: August 12, 1896
Place of Death: Waco Texas
Age at time of Death: 77 years old
Burial Place:
Oakwood Cemetery Waco Texas



Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He moved to Waco, Texas in 1868. He was president of Texas Medical Association for only 1 year from 1891 to 1892, but he was mayor of Waco from 1882 to 1896. In Waco he led a campaign to clean up Waco by attempting to get rid of it's bawdy house district.One biography states he died from malaria.