CS -Rich, William Wofford

William Wofford Rich:
Born: June 4, 1823
Birth Place: Habersham County Georgia
Father: James William Rich Sr. 1801 – 1848
Mother: Charlotte Lottie Wofford 1805 – 1880
Wife: Basheba E. Sisson 1833 – 1885
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery Cartersville Georgia)
Rebecca Jennie Loveless
Savannah G. Rich Trotter (Georgia) 1856 – 1892
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery Cartersville Georgia)
Florence Rich (Georgia) 1859 - 1870
Sallie Lee Rich Christopher (Georgia) 1863 – 1927
(Buried: Forest Cemetery Gadsden Alabama)
William Rich (Georgia) 1868 – 1870
(Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery Cartersville Georgia)

Attended School in Cassville Georgia
Attended Gwinnett Manual Labor Institute
Attended Franklin College

Occupation before War:
Attorney in Cassville Georgia
Served in the Mexican War rising to 1st Lt.
Plantation Manager
Assistant U.S. Marshal in Cass County Georgia

Civil War Career:
Captain in Johnson's Cavalry Rangers
Lt. Colonel and Battalion Commander Phillips Georgia Legion

Occupation after War:
Bartow County Georgia County Treasurer
Sheriff of Bartow County Georgia
Bartow County Georgia Tax Collector
Owner of Silver Mine in Colorado
Mercantile Store Owner in Cartersville Georgia
Railroad Agent for Cartersville Georgia
Owner of Charcoal Production Facility

Died: April 26, 1892
Place of Death: Gadsden Alabama
Age at time of Death: 68 years old
Burial Place: Oak Hill Cemetery Cartersville Georgia



Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He became seriously ill in October 1864 and through the following months turned into Hepatitis and Rich was forced to resign on January 27, 1865. He went through the war without a scratch but was attacked by 3 ex slaves and kicked in the knee by a mule on his way home. He had a lame leg for the rest of his life.