CS Η Holbrook, Dr. John Edwards

Dr. John Edwards Holbrook

Dr. Holbrook Picture.png

Born: December 31, 1796

Birthplace: Beaufort, South Carolina

Father: Silas Holbrook 1768 – 1800
(Buried: Norfolk Cemetery, Norfolk, Massachusetts)​

Mother: Mary Edwards 1780 – 1843
(Buried: Norfolk Cemetery, Norfolk, Massachusetts)​

Wife: Harriott Pinkcney Rutledge 1802 – 1863
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina)​


1818: Graduated from University of Pennsylvania Medical School​
Studied medicine in Scotland​
Studied Medicine in France​

Occupation before War:

Medical Doctor in Charleston, South Carolina​
Anatomy Professor, Medical College of South Carolina​
Monographer of reptiles in the United States​

Civil War Career:

Head of the Examining Board for Surgeons in South Carolina​
When Union forces took possession of Charleston, South Carolina, the medical college in which his collections were preserved was taken for hospital purposes, and his specimens were wantonly thrown away or seized upon for what they were supposed to be worth; all his books were stolen, and even his drawings and manuscripts were lost or destroyed.​

Occupation after War:

1868 – 1871: Member of National Academy of Sciences​

Died: September 8, 1871

Place of Death: Norfolk, Massachusetts

Cause of Death: Apoplexy

Age at time of Death: 76 years old

Burial Place: Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston, South Carolina
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