{⋆★⋆} BG Wright, Ambrose Ransom

Ambrose Ransom Wright

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Born: April 26, 1826

Birth Place: Louisville, Georgia

Father: Captain William Ambrose Wright 1789 – 1850

Mother: Sarah Hammond 1796 – 1838

1st​ Wife: Mary Hubbell Savage 1826 – 1854
(Buried: Revolutionary War Cemetery, Louisville, Georgia)​

2nd​ Wife: Caroline Cooper Hazelhurst 1840 – 1923
(Buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Brunswick, Georgia)​


Lt. William Ambrose Wright 1844 – 1929​
(Buried: Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia)​
Ellen G. Wright Cohen 1848 – 1897​
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia)​
Henry Gregory “Gregg” Wright 1850 – 1880​
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia)​
Two Infant Daughters 1854 – 1854​
Malvern Hill Wright 1862 – 1884​
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia)​
Robert Hazelhurst Wright 1864 – 1939​
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia)
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Read law under Herschel V. Johnson in Louisville, Georgia​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Louisville, Georgia​
Unsuccessful Candidate for Georgia State Representative​
Unsuccessful Candidate for United States Representative​
1856: Millard Fillmore Presidential Elector​
1860: Supporter of John Bell for President​

Civil War Career:

1861: Confederate Commissioner to Maryland​
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 3rd​ Georgia Infantry​
1861 – 1862: Served in North Carolina​
1862: Participated in the Battle of South Mills​
1862: Participated in the Battle of Seven Pines​
1862 – 1864: Brigadier General of Confederate Army Infantry​
1862 – 1864: Participated in all campaigns of Army of Northern Virginia​
1864 – 1865: Temporary Major General in command of Georgia​

Occupation after War:

Georgia State Senator​
Practiced law in Augusta, Georgia​
Owner of Augusta Chronicle & Sentinel Newspaper​
1871: Unsuccessful Candidate for United States Senator​
Elected as United States Representative but died before taking office​

December 21, 1872

Place of Death: Augusta, Georgia

Cause of Death: Brain Inflammation

Age at time of Death: 46 years old

Burial Place: Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia

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Brian Downey

Aug 5, 2005
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Here's something I had never heard of before. @Brian Downey did you know about this?
Excerpted from the Report of Peter Wellington Alexander (aka "P.W.A.") correspondent to the Savannah Republican, dated Sharspburg, MD, Sept. 18. As reprinted in the Southern Recorder. (Milledgeville, Ga.), October 07, 1862, page 2.
Not heard that story before - thanks Laura! Your PWA is a great source for color commentary :smile:


Feb 20, 2005
He was specifically asked for by Governor Brown of Georgia to command a division of Georgia home troops. His troops may have been under the command of the AoT but I don't know if they were actually attached as a part of the main army.

Sorry about the minutiae, but here is what I could find on Wright beginning about Dec. 10, 1864:

Dec 64 Siege of Savannah

Left Sector-Wright [vice Mercer on 12/10]

[approx. 12/11]-2700 men/ 32 guns

J K Jackson [1500]

Col Von Zinken Locals

Columbus arsenals

Columbus workshops

Other workshops [Macon, etc.]

Savanna local reserves

Dismtd from Ferguson bgde-12/16

Brooks' btry

Guerard btry,

sctns -Maxwell & Barnwell btrys

dtchmt of Major Hamilton arty bn

12/11/64 Major Gen A. R. Wright, on the 11th of Dec, was assigned to the command of the left of the western lines extending from the Daly farm, or Telfair swamp, to the Atlantic & Gulf RR bridge over the Little Ogeechee river--a distance of some seven miles. He had under him Gen Mercer, cdg his right from the Telfair swamp to a point east of Lawton's house, & Brig. Gen John K. Jackson, commanding his left from Lawton's house to the Atlantic & Gulf RR crossing over the Little Ogeechee river. This front of Major Gen Wright was irregular, being interrupted by dense woods & impracticable swamps. It was held by about 2700 men; 1200 under Mercer, & the rest under Jackson.

…Brooks' light Btry was stationed at Btry Jones, at the crossing of the old Savannah & Darien stage road over Salt creek, & Capt Guerard's light Btry, sections of Maxwell's & Barnwell's light Btrys, & a detachment of Major Hamilton's Arty Bn supported this line of Gen Wright, being disposed at important points.

12/18/64 Savannah, Beauregard’s orders-

2nd. Wright's Div to be sent to Robertson's district as soon as it shall reach Hardeeville, Gen Robertson to report to Wright temporarily to advise as to disposition of the troops, & then to be assigned to the command of Gartrell's Bgde. Col G. P. Harrison to be assigned to a Bgde wherever his Regt is.

12/19 CONFIDENTIAL CIRCULAR Savannah-By command of Lt-Gen Hardee

5. Major-Gen Wright's Div will be withdrawn from lines at 8 p. m., & will pass the river on the pontoons.

12/20/64 Mil Div of the West, Pocataligo-

III. Major-Gen Wright's Div & Gen Chestnut's command (about 1,500 men), consisting of SC reserves & 2nd, 3rd, & 4th SC Militia, to the 4th Military Sub-District, a reserve of about 500 men being stationed at Green Pond & another of like number near Adams' Run. Gen Robertson will report to Major-Gen Wright for temporary duty, to advise as to disposition of troops, & then to be assigned to duty as circumstances may require.

12/21 Hardee evacuates Savannah

12/21 Hqs Dept of SC, Ga, & Fla, Cheves' House, To Gen McLaws, cdg-Lt-Gen Hardee directs that you assume command of the three Div’s en route for Hardeeville-your own, Smith's, & Wright's-& direct & regulate their march to that place

12/22/64 Hardeeville, By order of Lt-Gen Hardee
The following disposition of troops will be carried into effect with the least practicable delay:

III. Major-Gen Wright's Div & Gen Chestnut’s command-the latter consisting of SC reserves & the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th SC Militia-will proceed to the 4th Military Sub-District of SC. Major-Gen Wright will have command & of the district, & will station a reserve force of 500 men at Green Pond, & a like number at Adams' Run Station. Gen B. H. Robertson will report to Major-Gen Wright, to give him such assistance in the disposition of troops as his knowledge of the country will enable him to do, & will afterward be assigned to duty as circumstances may require.

12/28 Dec 28, 1864 (Received 10:15 29th) Charleston, Hardee to Gen Cooper: The light Arty of this Dept has been organized into 8 Bns of three Btrys…

7th Bn-Maxwell's Btry, Daniel’s Btry, Guerard's Btry;

the 7th to Maj-Gen Wright's Div.

12/30/64 Charleston, Hardee to Gen Cooper, A&IG Your telegram ordering all artisans to be returned to their employments has been received. The Naval & Arsenal Bns had already been returned. Your order will take away all of Wright's Div except four small Co’s. That Div is holding an important position. I earnestly urge that you send 1,400 men to replace it. I have already been weakened by the return of the Hvy artillerists to Wilmington

1/2/65 Aggregate of Wright’s Div=2317

1/8/65--12 m Charleston, Hardee to Pres Davis-Your cipher telegram of the 7th received today.
I am holding the line of RR from the Savannah River to this place. The principal force on this line is at Pocataligo, under Maj-Gen McLaws, who when compelled to retire will take up the line of the Combahee, which I am actively engaged in fortifying.
Maj-Gen Wright's Div is stationed in the 4th Sub-District principally to protect the approaches from John's Island to the lower Combahee, inclusive.
Gen Taliaferro's Div is distributed in the 2nd & 3rd Sub-Districts, principally on James & Sullivan's Islands & in Christ Church Parish.
Conner's Bgde when it arrives will be stationed near Charleston whence it can reinforce the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Sub-Districts.

1/31/65 Troops in the Dept of SC, Ga, & Fla, Lt Gen Hardee cdg
Wright’s Div*
Mercer's Bgde
1st SC Cav, Co K, Capt Angus P. Brown.
1st, 2nd, 6th, & 7th SC Reserves Gen A G. Blanchard.
2nd SC Arty, Co C,
Adams' (Ga) Bn, Major Adams.
Daniell's Btry
De Pass' Btry
German Arty, Bachman.
Guerard's (Ga) Btry
Jacques' (Ga) Bn
Kay's (SC) reserve Cav Co
Regular (Ga) Btry Lt Richardson

*As reported Jan 20, 1865; composition not indicated on return for Jan 31, 1865.

2/14/65 Beauregard issues "Memoranda of Orders for Lt-Gen W. J. Hardee.
"1st. One Bgde of Wright's Div in St. Paul's will move by RR to Monk's Corner, & thence march into position (at or about Snowden's), from Sandy Run to Santee River.
"2d. The remainder of Wright's Div to move via Summerville, thence to Groomsville, thence along Northeastern RR to St. Stephen's depot.
"3d. the troops around Charleston will commence their movement when Wright's Div shall have reached Summerville.

2/18/65 Ridgeway, SC, Beauregard to Gen Lee, Richmond-Taliaferro is preferable to McLaws, but he is ranked by the latter & Maj-Gen Wright.
[Regarding Hardee being ill-McLaws relieved Hardee temporarily]