CS Watson, Ellen Maria Anderson

Ellen Maria Anderson Watson

Born: December 3, 1842

Birthplace: near Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas

Father: W. T. Anderson

Mother: Maria Anderson

1st Husband: B. F. Perkins (died circa 1861-2)

Married: 1861

2nd Husband: Rev. Samuel Watson, D.D.

Married: 1867

Children: 2 Daughters, 3 Sons (all from 2nd Marriage)

Religion: Methodist

Antebellum Events:

Became a Sunday School Teacher at 15 years of Age​
By the Age of 16, she was making a comfortable income from teaching classes in vocal and instrumental music​

Civil War Events:

Married B. F. Perkens, and then watched him leave to join the Confederate Army​
Was widowed and penniless after the death of her first husband​
Sold Clothes in Arkansas to Union Soldiers using funds for Confederates​
Gathered Information to give to the Confederate Army in Arkansas​
Nurse at Southern Mothers Hospital
Postbellum Events:
Organizer of Lady's Aide Society​
Organizer of Women's Foreign Missionary Society​
Leader in Women's Christian Temperance Association​

Died: 1906

Burial Place: Elmwood Cemetery Memphis Tennessee (May 25, 1906)
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Her first marriage to B.F. Perkins, a native of North Carolina, only lasted 8 months as he was killed in the Confederate Army. This left her a penniless widow.