{⋆★⋆} BG Waterhouse, Richard

Richard Waterhouse

Born: January 12, 1832

Birthplace: Rhea County, Tennessee

Father: Unknown


Occupation before War:

Ran away from home as a teenager to serve in the Mexican War​
Served in Mexican War at the age of 19 years old​
Rejoined his family and lived in San Augustine, Texas​
1849 – 1861: Mercantile Businessman in San Augustine, Texas​

Civil War Career:

1862 – 1864: Colonel of 19th Texas Infantry Regiment​
1862: Led a Charge against Federals at Milliken’s Bend, Louisiana​
1864: Participated in the Red River Campaign​
1864: Served in the Battle of Mansfield, Louisiana​
1864: Served in the Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana​
1864: Appointed Brigadier General by General Edmund Kirby Smith​
1865: Brigadier General of Confederate Army Infantry​

Occupation after War:

Land Speculator in San Antonio & Jefferson Texas​

Died: March 20, 1876

Place of Death: Waco, Texas

Cause of Death: Pneumonia due to fall down hotel steps

Age at time of Death: 44 years old

Burial Place: Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson, Texas

Grave Location: Old Section, Block C, Intersection of NW Corner of Magnolia and Moss Rose Avenues
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
There were about 10 "generals" promoted by Gen. Kirby Smith but not confirmed by Richmond. Waterhouse was however finally sanctioned by Jefferson Davis (nearly a year later)