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Horatio Phillips Van Cleve

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Born: November 23, 1809

Birthplace: Princeton, New Jersey

John Van Cleve 1778 – 1826

Mother: Sarah Cullum 1779 – 1830

Wife: Charlotte Ouisconsin Clark 1819 – 1907
(Buried: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota)​


Elizabeth Archer Van Cleve Hall 1846 – 1918​
(Buried: O’ahu Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii)​
Seymour Van Cleve 1849 – 1914​
(Buried: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota)​
Edward Mortimer Van Cleve 1851 – 1924​
(Buried: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota)​
Samuel H. Van Cleve 1853 – 1912​
(Buried: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota)​
Paul Ledyard Van Cleve 1856 – 1945​
(Buried: Mountain View Cemetery, Big Timber, Montana)​
Carl Ernest Van Cleve 1861 – 1934​
(Buried: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota)​


Attended Princeton University for two years​
1831: Graduated from West Point Military Academy – (24th​ in class)​

Occupation before War:

1831 – 1834: Brevet 2nd​ Lt. United States Army, 5th​ Infantry Regiment​
1831: Frontier Duty at Fort Howard, Wisconsin​
1831 – 1835: Frontier Duty at Fort Winnebago, Wisconsin​
1834 – 1836: 2nd​ Lt. United States Army, 5th​ Infantry Regiment​
1835 – 1836: Frontier Duty at Fort Winnebago, Wisconsin​
1836: Resigned from United States Army on September 11th​
1836 – 1839: Farmer near Monroe, Michigan​
1840 – 1841: School Teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio​
1842 – 1854: Farmer near Ann Arbor, Michigan​
1855: Civil Engineer for the State of Michigan​
1856: United States Surveyor of Public Lands in Minnesota​
1856 – 1861: Farmer in Minnesota​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Colonel of 2nd​ Minnesota Infantry Regiment​
1862: Led his men in the Battle of Mill Spring, Kentucky​
1862 – 1865: Brigadier General of Union Army, Volunteers​
1862: Served in the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi​
Served in Skirmishes and Pursuit of Bragg’s Confederate Army​
1862 – 1863: Wounded during the Battle of Stones River​
1863: Served in the Battle of Ringgold, Georgia​
1863: Served in the Battle of Gordon’s Mill, Georgia​
1863: Served in the Battle of Chickamauga, Georgia​
1863 – 1865: Union Army Commander of Murfreesboro, Tennessee​
1865: Brevetted Major General for his service in the War​
1865: Mustered out of the Union Army on August 24th​

Occupation after War:

1866 – 1870: Minnesota State Adjutant General​
1870: Appointed Warden of Minnesota State Prison, but declined​
1871 – 1873: United States Postmaster of St. Anthony, Minnesota​
1876 – 1882: Minnesota State Adjutant General​
1890 – 1891: On Retired list of U.S. Army as 2nd​ Lt.​

Died: April 24, 1891

Place of Death: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Age at time of Death: 81 years old

Burial Place: Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He had been leading the 3rd division in the 21Corps of the Army of the Cumberland. After the 20th and 21st Corps were merged into the new 4th Corps, he was relegated to post duty at Murfreesboro, Nashville ,and along the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad.
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