CSN Tucker, John Randolph - Commander

John Randolph Tucker


Born: January 31, 1812

Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia

Father: John Tucker

Mother: Susanna Douglas 1785 – 1846
(Buried: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia)​

Wife: Virginia Webb 1819 – 1858
(Buried: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia)​
Married: June 7, 1838


Alfred Tayloe Tucker 1841–1842​
(Buried: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia)​
Virginia Flemming Tucker 1846–1847​
(Buried: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia)​
Harriet R. Tucker 1847–1862​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Randolph Tucker 1849 – 1928​
(Buried: Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, Virginia)​
Tarlton Webb Tucker 1851–1922​
(Buried: Forrest Hill Cemetery Midtown, Memphis, Tennessee)​
Virginius Tucker 1857–1926​
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia)​

Occupation before War:
1826: Joined the United States Navy as a Midshipman on June 1, at the age of fourteen​
Served afloat in the Mediterranean and Brazil Squadrons​
1837: Promoted to Lieutenant on December 20​
1847: Served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Gulf of Mexico, commanding the brig USS Stromboli as part of the blockade in the Mexican–American War, until illness forced him to return north​
1849–1852: Assigned to the Home Squadron flagships​
1852–1855: Assigned to the Mediterranean Squadron flagships​
1855: Received his commission as Commander and commanding officer of USS Pennsylvania on September 14​
Ordnance Officer in the Norfolk, Virginia, Navy Yard​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1865: Commander in the Confederate States Navy​
Commander in the Virginia Navy​
1861 – 1862: Commander of CSS Patrick Henry
Battery Commander at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia​
Commander of the Ironclad CSS Chicora
1863 – 1865: Commander of Confederate Warships in Charleston, South Carolina​
1865: Participated in the Defense of Richmond, Virginia​
1865: Surrendered on April 6, 1865 at Battle of Sayler's Creek, Virginia​
1865: Held as Prisoner of War by Union Army, until July 24

Occupation after War:

Agent for Southern Express Company of Raleigh, North Carolina​
1866 – 1871: Rear Admiral in Peruvian Navy​
President of Peruvian Hydrographical Commission of the Amazon​

Died: June 12, 1883

Place of Death: Petersburg, Virginia

Age at time of Death: 71 years old

Burial Place: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
After briefly commanding the Yorktown, He took part and witnessed the duel between the Virginia and the Monitor while commanding the Patrick Henry.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
After Drewry's Bluff he was promoted to captain and placed in charge of all naval forces at Charleston. When Charleston fell he was returned to Drewry's Bluff and joined in the retreat from Richmond/Petersburg. He was captured at Sayler's Creek along with most of his command.


1st Lieutenant
Mar 30, 2013
Kent ,England.
When he went to Peru he took with him a copy or copies of plans of CSS Richmond from which the ironclad Loa was constructed. These plans subsequently disappeared but we found strong indications that they are currently in private hands in Chile.