U.S. Legislative Branch -Temple, William - U.S. Congressman, DE

William Temple:
Born: February 28, 1814

Birthplace: Queen Anne’s County Maryland
Father: George Temple 1776 – 1838
Mother: Isabel Black 1776 – 1829
Wife: Sarah Ann Ringgold 1818 – 1851
(Buried: Bryn Zion Cemetery Kenton Delaware)
Married: November 19, 1838 in Kent County Delaware
Sarah Louisa Temple 1841 – 1841
(Buried: Bryn Zion Cemetery Kenton Delaware)
Emma Frances Temple 1841 – 1843
(Buried: Bryn Zion Cemetery Kenton Delaware)

Political Party: Whig Party, Constitutional Union Party, Democratic Party


Occupation before War:
Mercantile Businessman in Smyrna Delaware
1845 – 1846: Delaware State Representative
1845 – 1846: Speaker of Delaware State House of Representatives
1846 – 1847: Governor of Delaware
1846 – 1847: Much of his term was concerned with Mexican War.

1849 – 1855: Delaware State Senator
1860: Supporter and Campaigner for John Bell Presidential Campaign.

Civil War Career:
1861: Chairman of Peace Convention in Dover Delaware
1863: Convinced his election to Congress being rigged with schemes.
1863: Elected to United States Congress died before
1863: United States Congressman from Delaware (Some Sources Say he died before the convening of Congress)

May 28, 1863
Place of Death: Smyrna Delaware
Age at time of Death: 49 years old
Burial Place: Saint Peter’s Cemetery Smyrna Delaware

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