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Ashbel Smith:
Born: August 13, 1805

Birthplace: Hartford Connecticut
Father: Moses Smith 1775 – 1858
(Buried: Zion Hill Cemetery Hartford Connecticut)
Mother: Phebe Adams Smith 1786 – 1872
(Buried: Zion Hill Cemetery Hartford Connecticut)
Martial Status: Never Married

1824: Graduated from Yale University
Studied medicine at Yale University and in France

Occupation before War:
1824 – 1837: Medical Doctor and Teacher in Salisbury North Carolina
1836: Persuaded to move to Texas by J. Henderson Pickney
1837: Surgeon General of Texas Army of Republic
Established first hospital in what would become Houston Texas
Medical Doctor in Galveston Texas
Plantation Owner in Galveston Texas
1842 – 1844: Texas Republic Minister to Great Britain and France
1845: Texas Republic Secretary of State
1846 – 1848: Surgeon during the Mexican – American War
1848: President of Board of Visitors at West Point Military Academy
1853: One of the founders of Texas Medical Association
1856 – 1858: Texas State Representative
Worked with Gail Borden to make a dried beef biscuit

Civil War Career:
1861 – 1862: Captain of Company C 2nd​ Texas Infantry Regiment
1862: Wounded in the arm during the Battle of Shiloh
1862: Lt. Colonel of 2nd​ Texas Infantry Regiment
1862 – 1863: Colonel of 2nd​ Texas Infantry Regiment
1863: Captured and Paroled during Battle of Vicksburg Mississippi
Commander of Confederate Forces near Galveston Texas
1865: Commissioner who surrendered Texas to Union Forces

Occupation after War:
Medical Doctor in Galveston Texas
President of University of Texas Regents
1866: Texas State Representative
1870: President of Texas State Historical Society
Known to have been a champion of education for blacks and women
One of the Commissioners for establishing A &M College of Texas
1876: Judge of Judy of Awards at Great International Exhibition
1878: Honorary Texas Commissioner to Paris International Exhibition
1879 – 1881: Texas State Representative

January 21, 1886
Place of Death: Evergreen Plantation Galveston Texas
Age at time of Death: 80 years old
Burial Place: Texas State Cemetery Austin Texas


Lampasas Bill

Sep 24, 2018
As a graduate student at the University of Texas in 1973, I was allowed to have a study desk in the main library stacks. It was a closed library; all book requests by undergraduates were filled by librarians. To my delight, while browsing one day, I came across an old copy of Hardee's Tactics. It had the original owner's name in it: Col. Ashbel Smith! Talk about holding history in your hand!

J. D. Stevens

Dec 11, 2016
Deep In The Heart of Texas
Ashbel Smith was one of Texas' most interesting, yet often overlooked characters. The chronological list above shows he led an active and varied life. Although he had intentions a couple of times, Ashbel never married. He also studied medicine in France prior to coming to Texas. He was Sam Houston's personal physician and lived with him while serving at the first president of the republic. Ashbel was instrumental in establishing the University of Texas Medical School at Galveston. His home was on Gaveston Bay near today's Baytown, Texas. His boxes of personal papers at the University of Texas Center for American History contains two large hand written ledgers he kept during the CW. I found a considerable amount of information relating to my great grandfather's regiment during the last two years of the war. Folks who enjoy biographies should locate a copy of "Ashbel Smith of Texas - Pioneer, Patriot, Statesman, 1805-1886" by Elizabeth Silverthorne.
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