CS Seddon, Sarah Bruce

Sarah “Sally” Bruce Seddon
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Born: March 25, 1821

Birthplace: Goochland County, Virginia

Father: James Banks Bruce 1763 – 1837
(Buried: Berry Hill Family Graveyard, South Boston, Virginia)​

Mother: Elvira Ann Cabell 1783 – 1858
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Husband: Secretary of War James Alexander Seddon 1815 – 1880
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Married: December 23, 1845 in Richmond, Virginia


Elvira Bruce “Ella” Seddon 1846 – 1882​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia)​
Thomas O. Seddon 1847 – 1896​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia)​
James Alexander Seddon 1850 – 1938​
(Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery Saint Louis Missouri)​
William Cabell Seddon Sr. 1851 – 1923​
(Buried: Druid Ridge Cemetery Pikesville Maryland)​
Anna Park “Annie” Seddon 1852 – 1863​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia)​
Arthur Morson Seddon 1854 – 1927​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia)​
Charles Bruce Seddon 1859 – 1866​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia)
Rosa “Rosie” Seddon Rutherford 1859 – 1918​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery Richmond Virginia)​

Antebellum Events:

1833: Death of her brother William C. Bruce​
1837: Death of her father James Bruce in South Boston, Virginia.​
1845: Married her husband James Alexander Seddon​
1846: Birth of her daughter Elvira Bruce “Ella” Seddon​
1847: Birth of her son Thomas O. Seddon​
1849 – 1851: Her husband served as United States Congressman.​
1850: Birth of her son James Alexander Seddon Jr.​
1851: Birth of her son William Cabell Seddon​
1852: Birth of her daughter Anna “Annie” Park Seddon​
1854: Birth of her son Arthur Morson Seddon​
1858: Death of her mother Elvira Ann Cabell Henry Bruce​

Civil War Life Events:

1861: Her husband was a member of the Peace Conference.​
1862 – 1865: Wife of Confederate States Secretary of War.​
1863: Death of her daughter Anna “Annie” Park Seddon​
1865: Death of her brother James Coles Bruce​

Postbellum Events:

Lived with her husband at Sabot Hill Plantation in Goochland County.​
1866: Death of her son Charles Bruce Seddon​
1880: Death of her husband Secretary of War James A. Seddon​
1880 – 1882: Widow of Secretary of War James Alexander Seddon​
1882: Her daughter Ella Seddon would die the same year that she died.​

Died: March 28, 1882

Place of Death: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Age at time of Death: 61 years old

Burial Place: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia
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