★  Patterson, Francis Engle

Francis Engle Patterson


Born: March 7, 1821 - (as per Generals in Blue by Ezra Warner)

Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Father: Major General Robert Patterson 1792 – 1881
(Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)​

Mother: Sarah Ann Engle 1792 – 1875
(Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)​

Occupation before War:

1847: 2nd Lt. United States Army, 1st Artillery​
1847: 1st Lt. United States Army, 1st Artillery​
Transferred as 1st Lt. to United States Army, 9th Infantry Regiment​
1855 – 1857: Captain, United States Army, 9th Infantry Regiment​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Colonel of 17th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment​
1862: Brigadier General, Union Army Volunteers​
1862: Brigade Commander at the Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia
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1862: Relinquished command of his regiment at Seven Pines, Virginia​
1862: Suffered from the effects of Typhoid Fever​
1862: Did Administrative duty at Army Headquarters​
1862: Withdrew his Brigade from Catlett’s Station​
1862: Accused by General Sickles of retreating without orders​

Died: November 2, 1862

Place of Death: Near Occoquan, Virginia

Cause of Death: Accidental discharge of his own pistol

Age at time of Death: 41 years old

Burial Place: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
His death has been ruled an accident but it was still clouded in controversy. At the time of his death he was in a heated dispute with his division commander, Daniel Sickles. Patterson had been defending Washington at about the time of the Maryland Campaign and was charged by Sickles with withdrawing his brigade upon false information that the Confederates were at Warrenton Junction. The disputed was still ongoing when Patterson was found dead in his tent from a gunshot.