CS McDonald, Cornelia Peake

Cornelia Peake McDonald

Born: June 14, 1822
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Birthplace: Alexandria, Virginia

Father: Dr. Humphrey Peake 1772 – 1856
(Buried: Buck Cemetery, Waterlick, Virginia)​

Mother: Anne Linton Lane 1780 – Unknown

Husband: Colonel Angus William McDonald Sr. 1799 – 1864
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Married: 1847 in Hannibal, Missouri


Private Harry Peake McDonald 1848 – 1904​
(Buried: Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky)​
Allan Lane McDonald 1849 – 1915​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Kenneth McDonald 1852 – 1940​
(Buried: Olivet Memorial Park, Colma, California)​
Ellen McDonald Lyne 1854 – 1936​
(Buried: Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky)
Roy McDonald 1856 – 1921​
(Buried: Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania)​
Donald McDonald 1858 – 1924​
(Buried: Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky)​
Hunter McDonald 1860 – 1937​
(Buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Columbia, Tennessee)​
Elizabeth “Bessie” McDonald 1861 – 1862​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Antebellum Events:

1847: Married Virginia Attorney Angus William McDonald Sr.​
1847 – 1861: Her husband was an Attorney in Romney, Virginia​
1848: Birth of her son Harry Peake McDonald​
1849: Birth of her son Allan Lane McDonald​
1852: Birth of her son Kenneth McDonald​
1854: Birth of her daughter Ellen McDonald Lyne​
1856: Death of her father Dr. Humphrey Peake.​
1856: Birth of her son Roy McDonald​
1858: Birth of her son Donald McDonald​
1860: Birth of her son Hunter McDonald​

Civil War Life Events:

Kept a Detailed diary called A Diary With Reminiscences of the War and Refugee life in the Shenandoah Valley
Known as one of the “Devil Diarists of Winchester”​
1861: Her husband was Volunteer Aide to Stonewall Jackson.​
1861: Her husband was Colonel of 7th​ Virginia Cavalry Regiment​
1861: Her husband suffered from the effects of rheumatism​
Her husband Served as Post Commander in Winchester & Lexington.​
1862: Death of her son Hunter McDonald​
1862: Death of her brother – in – law Colonel Edward C. McDonald.​
1862: Her Stepson Lt. Craig Woodrow McDonald Killed Battle of Gaines Mill, Virginia.​
1864: Her husband was captured by the Union Army on July 13th​.​
1864: Her husband was released as Prisoner of War on Nov. 15th​.​
1864: Her husband Died in Richmond Virginia on December 1st​.​
1864 – 1909: Widow of Colonel Angus William McDonald Sr.​

Postbellum Events:

1864 – 1909: Widow of Colonel Angus William McDonald, Sr.​
1875: Her Civil War Diary was published.​
1881: Death of her sister Susan Ellen Peake McDonald.​
1895: Death of her stepson Marshall McDonald.​
1898: Death of her stepson Captain William Naylor McDonald.​
1901: Death of her stepdaughter Mary Naylor McDonald Green.​
1904: Death of her son Harry Peake McDonald​
1934: The Second edition of her Civil War Diary was published.​
2003: Her Civil War Diary was reprinted.​

Died: January 11, 1909

Place of Death: Louisville, Kentucky

Age at time of Death: 86 years old

Burial Place: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia
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