★  Lyon, Nathaniel

Nathaniel Lyon


Born: July 14, 1818

Birthplace: Ashford, Connecticut

Father: Amasa Lyon 1771 – 1843
(Buried: Phoenixville Cemetery, Eastford, Connecticut)​

Mother: Kezia Knowlton 1781 – 1852
(Buried: Phoenixville Cemetery, Eastford, Connecticut)​


1841: Graduated from West Point Military Academy – (11th in class)​

Occupation before War:

1841 – 1847: 2nd Lt. United States Army, 2nd Infantry Regiment​
1841 – 1842: Served in the Seminole War in Florida
Lyon 2.jpg
1842 – 1846: Garrison Duty at Sackett’s Harbor, New York​
1846: Garrison Duty at Fort Columbus, New York​
1847 – 1851: 1st Lt. United States Army, 2nd Infantry Regiment​
1847: Served in the Siege of Vera Cruz, Mexico​
1847: Served in the Battle of Cerro Gordo, Mexico​
1847: Served in the Battle of Contreras, Mexico​
1847: Brevetted Captain for Gallantry in two Mexican War Battles​
1847: Wounded at the Belen Gate during capture of Mexico City​
1848: Garrison Duty at Fort Hamilton, New York​
1848 – 1849: Served on a Voyage to California​
1849 – 1850: Frontier Duty in California​
1850: Served on Expedition to Clear Lake and Russian River​
1850 – 1851: Quartermaster Duty in San Diego, California​
1851 – 1861: Captain, United States Army, 2nd Infantry Regiment​
1854 – 1855: Frontier Duty at Fort Riley, Kansas​
1855: Frontier Duty at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas​
1855: Served in the Sioux Expedition​
1859 – 1860: Frontier Duty at Fort Riley, Kansas​
1860 – 1861: Frontier Duty at Silver Lake, Kansas​
1861: Frontier Duty at Fort Scott, Kansas​

Civil War Career:
Lyon 1.jpg

1861: Brigadier General of Union Army Volunteers​
1861: Commander of St. Louis, Missouri Arsenal Defenses​
1861: Broke up an assembly of Secessionists at Camp Jackson​
1861: Kicked in the stomach by an Aide’s Horse​
1861: In Engaged in Capture of State Archives at Jefferson City, Missouri​
1861: Union Army Commander at Battle of Wilson’s Creek, Missouri​
1861: Mortally Wounded three times Battle of Wilson’s Creek​
1861: His first wound was to the outer part of his right calf​
1861: His second wound grazed the right side of his head​
1861: He was killed by a chest wound, made by a squirrel rifle​
1861: Attempts to embalm the body were not successful​
1861: His body was placed in an icehouse at Springfield, Missouri​

Died: August 10, 1861

Place of Death: Battlefield, Missouri

Cause of Death: Killed in battle

Age at time of Death: 43 years old

Original Burial Place:
Cornfield on Farm, Springfield, Missouri

Burial Place: Phoenixville Cemetery, Eastford, Connecticut
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Jul 28, 2015
New York City
I was watching a documentary on the battle of Wilson’s Creek on YouTube and it was mentioned. They said it was revenge for a murder by the Native Americans. I must read up on the incident.
I believe the origin had to do with hunting down perpetrators that allegedly killed Americans. But the actual victims and involved tribe in the massacre were unrelated.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
So far in researching Lyons I can't find where his body couldn't be readily embalmed. I'm guessing it was because it was possibly already in a state of decay after being mistakenly left behind on the battlefield. It was discovered by the Confederates and briefly buried on a Union Soldier's farm near Springfield. It was later dug up and sent to Eastford, Connecticut for burial in the family plot.


May 29, 2019
Dublin, Ireland

This was an enjoyable documentary on the prelude and battle of Wilsons Creek. I'm not sure where it was first aired but I recognise the narrator from the battlefield trust videos.