COL BBG Lyle, Peter

Peter Lyle


Born: December 24, 1821

Birthplace: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Father: Peter Lyle Sr. 1772 – 1825

Mother: Jane Miller 1787 – 1839

Occupation before War:

Tobacco Merchant and Carriage Maker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​
Commander in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania National Guard​
1849: Helped Suppress California House Riots in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​

Civil War Career:

1861: Colonel of 19th​ Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment​
1861: Mustered out of Service on August 29th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​
1862 – 1864: Colonel of 90th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment​
1862: Wounded during the Battle of Antietam, Maryland​
1863: Led 208 men into the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania​
1863: Acting Brigade Commander at the Battle of Gettysburg​
1864: Mustered out of the Union Army on Nov. 26th at Fort Dushane​
1865: Brevetted Brigadier General for his service in the War​

Occupation after War:

Commander of Second Regiment of Pennsylvania National Guard​
Sheriff of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​
Tobacco Merchant and Carriage Maker in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania​

July 17, 1879

Place of Death: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Age at time of Death: 57 years old

Burial Place: Ivy Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
. His division suffered the heavy loss of officers on day one of Gettysburg so he was assigned to command another one of its brigades. He served in this capacity through Bristoe and Mine Run.He again commanded a brigade at the Wilderness and fought at Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Peyersburg.He had already been out of the Army for over 3 months when He was awarded the brevet rank of brigadier general on March 13, 1865.

Ian Hart

Oct 31, 2020
Peter Lyle's father was Captain Peter Lyle of the United Irishmem. On the failure of the Rebellion in 1798, he was holed up with his best friend Captain John Nevin in an apparent safe house in North Antrim. Both men had a 50 pound price on their heads and would have been executed if caught.Both ultimately escaped to America. John Nevin ended up in Tennessee where he ran a frontier trading station at Knoxville. Peter Lyle and his brother William, who was also sentenced to death in his absence both escaped to Philadelphia.


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
Oh, I forgot to add that the remnants of his unit were merged into the 11th Pennsylvannia on Nov. 26, 1864.
I had to go back and re-read the biography, He was mustered out on this day and his unit was consolidated into the 11th Pennsylvannia. Lyle was then brevetted to brigadier over 3 months later.