★★★ -Lamar, Thomas Gresham Jr.

Thomas Gresham Lamar Jr.:

Born: May 28, 1826
Father: Thomas Gresham Lamar Sr. 1788 – 1833
(Buried: Lamar Cemetery Beech Island South Carolina)
Mother: Martha Leland Cary 1781 – 1863
(Buried: Lamar Cemetery Beech Island South Carolina)
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Whatley 1825 – 1849
1846 in Edgefield South Carolina
2nd Wife: Sarah Adams Dunbar 1828 – 1904
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Augusta Georgia)
Married: September 26, 1850 in Edgefield South Carolina

Barney Dunbar Lamar 1854 – 1907
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Augusta Georgia)
John Cary Lamar 1858 – 1937
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Augusta Georgia)
Matthew Calbraith Butler “Cal” Lamar 1860 – 1924
(Buried: Magnolia Cemetery Augusta Georgia)

Attended South Carolina Military Academy

Occupation before War:
Planter in Edgefield South Carolina

Civil War Career:

South Carolina State Representative
1861: Lt. Colonel of South Carolina Troops during Fort Sumter
1861: Captain 2nd​ South Carolina Artillery Battalion
1861: Major of 2nd​ South Carolina Artillery Battalion
1861: Lt. Colonel of 2nd​ South Carolina Artillery Battalion
Colonel of 2nd​ South Carolina Artillery Battalion
1862: Wounded during the Battle of Secessionville South Carolina
1862: Some consider him a hero of the Battle of Secessionville

Died: October 17, 1862
Place of Death: Charleston Hotel Charleston South Carolina
Cause of Death: Malaria
Age at time of Death: 36 years old
Burial Place: Lamar Cemetery Beech Island South Carolina
Mar 1, 2019
Dedham, MA
Below are photos of Thomas Gresham Lamar (one of 9 Lamar cousins who were Colonels or Lt. Colonels), his plantation and a marker at the fort.

Anybody wishing to read the stories about him and his cousins can find them in a book I've written, "Rebels in my Tree". Just "Google the title ad you'll find it.

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Confederate- Ft. Lamar (2).jpg
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
It seems Col. Lamar was buried initially at the Lamar Cemetery in South Carolina but was later exhumed and reburied at the Magnolia Cemetery. I couldn't figure out why this was done until I read that his children had it done and they placed a large monument over his grave. It seems his children were from his second wife who is buried in Magnolia Cemetery. These children were later buried near their mother and father.
Mar 1, 2019
Dedham, MA
His plantation house lives on. It's the only house still standing of the 61 plantations owned by Lamar cousins.
At the bottom of the page on that link, the last item is "Pictures" which takes you to "finding Sarah Lamar", a story about the slave ship Wanderer and pictures of the plantation.
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