CS Con -House, John Ford - C.S. Delegate, TN

John Ford House:
Born: January 9, 1827

Birthplace: Franklin Tennessee
Father: John House 1784 – 1832
Mother: Margaret S. “Peggy” Warren
Wife: Julia Franklin Beech 1829 – 1900
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery Clarksville Tennessee)

Political Parties: Union Whig and Democrat Parties


Attended Transylvania University but didn’t graduate
1850: Graduated from Lebanon Law School

Occupation before War:
Attorney in Franklin Tennessee but soon moved to Clarksville TN.
1853: Tennessee State Representative
1860: Supporter of John Bell for President Campaign
1860: Served as Tennessee Presidential Elector John Bell Campaign

Civil War Career:
1861: Became a Secessionist after Lincoln’s call for volunteers
1861: One of the leaders for taking Tennessee out of the Union
1861 – 1862: Tennessee Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress
1861 – 1862: Refused to sanction the produce loan
1861 – 1862: Member of House Committee on Finance
1862: Declined to run for Confederate States Regular Congress
1862 – 1865: Staff Officer on the Staff of General George Maney
1865: Paroled by the Union Army in in Columbus Mississippi in June

Occupation after War:
1865 – 1904: Attorney in Clarksville Tennessee
1868: Tennessee Delegate to Democratic Party National Convention
1870: Delegate to Tennessee State Constitutional Convention
1875 – 1883: United States Congressman from Tennessee
1879 – 1881: Chairman of U.S. House Democratic Party Caucus
1875 – 1883: Member of House Pacific Railroad Committee
1875 – 1883: Ranking Member of House Reform in Civil Service
1875 – 1883: Missed 336 votes while serving as U.S. Congressman

June 18, 1904
Place of Death: Clarksville Tennessee
Age at time of Death: 77 years old
Burial Place: Greenwood Cemetery Clarksville Tennessee