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Joseph Lewis Hogg

Brig. General Hogg.jpg

Born: September 13, 1806

Birthplace: Morgan County, Georgia

Father: Thomas Blair Hogg 1768 – 1849
(Buried: Hogg Cemetery, Rusk, Texas)​

Mother: Martha Chandler 1772 – 1853
(Buried: Hogg Cemetery, Rusk, Texas)​

Wife: Lucanda McMath 1815 – 1863
(Buried: Hogg Cemetery, Rusk, Texas)​


Thomas Elisha Hogg 1842 – 1880​
(Buried: Odd Fellows Cemetery, Denton, Texas)​
Joseph Lewis Hogg Jr. 1845 – 1848​
(Buried: Hogg Cemetery, Rusk, Texas)​
John Washington Hogg 1848 – 1912​
(Buried: Oaklawn Cemetery, Decatur, Texas)​
James Stephen Hogg 1851 – 1906
General Hogg 1.jpg
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas)​
Joseph Lewis Hogg Jr. 1854 – 1872​
(Buried: Hogg Cemetery, Rusk, Texas)​
Richard Hogg 1856 – 1863​
(Buried: Hogg Cemetery, Rusk, Texas)​

Occupation before War:

Served in the Alabama State Militia as an Officer​
Attorney in Rusk, Texas​
Texas Republic Congressman​
Served in the Mexican War in the Texas Mounted Volunteers​

Civil War Career:

1861: Delegate to Texas State Secession Convention​
1861: Captain in 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment​
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment
1862: Brigadier General in the Confederate Army Cavalry​
1862: Brigade Commander during the Siege of Corinth, Mississippi​

Died: May 16, 1862

Place of Death: Corinth, Mississippi

Age at time of Death: 55 years old

Cause of Death: Dysentery

Burial Place: Fort Robinette Cemetery, Corinth, Mississippi
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He was appointed brigadier on February 14, 1862. The Texas and Arkansas troops he commanded subsequently became part of McCown's Division. His troops did not make it to Shiloh as they were still in Memphis on April 23. His troops did make it to Corinth but were not led into battle as Hogg died on May 16, 1862.

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