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⋆B★G⋆ Griffith, Richard

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Apr 11, 2016
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Richard Griffith

Brig. General Griffith.jpg
January 11, 1814

Birthplace: Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Father: Richard Griffith 1770 – 1827

Mother: Ann Robeson 1775 – 1855

Wife: Sallie Ann Eliza Whitfield Baley 1825 – 1902
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​


Benjamin Whitfield Griffith 1833 – 1931​
Richard Cephas Griffith 1841 -​
Laura C. Griffith 1841 -​
Jefferson Davis Griffith 1850 – 1924​
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri)​
Lucy Ann Griffith Baley 1855 – 1894​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​
Annie T. Griffith 1859 -​
Richard Griffith Jr. 1860 – 1906​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​


Graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio​

Occupation before War:

1846 – 1847: Served in the Mexican War​
Banker and United States Marshal in Vicksburg, Mississippi​
Served in the Mississippi State Militia rising to Brigadier General​

Civil War Career:

1861: Colonel of 12th Mississippi Infantry Regiment​
1861 – 1862: Brigadier General of Confederate Army Infantry​
1862: Participated in the Seven Days Campaign Virginia​
1862: Mortally Wounded during the Battle in Richmond, Virginia​
1862: Wounded in the thigh by a shell fragment​

Died: June 29, 1862

Place of Death: Richmond, Virginia

Age at time of Death: 48 years old

Burial Place: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi
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Sep 15, 2018
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There was a fued betwern Davis and Johnston and Griffith's brigade became a focal point in that feud. When serving around the Leesburg area it was decided in Richmond that Mississippi regiments were to be assigned to Griffith and Whiting. Johnston felt it was "not advisable". This dispute continued for months. But one can almost bet Davis was behind Griffith as these two served in the Mexican War together, Griffith served as Jefferson Davis' adjutant .
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