★ ★  Franklin, William Buel

William Buel Franklin

Born: February 27, 1823

Birthplace: York, Pennsylvania

Father: Walter Simonds Franklin 1799 – 1838
(Buried: Saint James Episcopal Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania)​

Mother: Sarah Buel 1798 – 1882

Wife: Anna Louisa “Ann” Clark 1824 – 1900
(Buried: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pennsylvania)​

Married: July 7, 1852 in West Point, New York


1843: Graduated from West Point Military Academy – (1st in class)​

Occupation before War:

1843–1846: Brevet 2nd Lt. United States Army, Topographical Engineers
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1843 – 1845: Assistant Engineer for Survey on Northwestern Lakes​
1845: Served in General Kearney’s Expedition to the South Pass​
1845 – 1846: Assistant in Topographical Bureau in Washington, D.C.​
1846 – 1853: 2nd Lt. United States Army, Topographical Engineers​
1847: Brevetted 1st Lt. for Gallantry at Battle of Buena Vista, Mexico​
1848 – 1852: Assistant Philosophy Professor at West Point​
1853 – 1857: 1st Lt. United States Army, Topographical Engineers​
1857 – 1859: Engineer Secretary for Light House Board​
1857 – 1861: Captain United States Army, Topographical Engineers​
1859 – 1861: Engineer in charge of Extension of capitol and gold dome​
1861: Chief of Construction Bureau for United States Treasury Dept.​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1866: Colonel of United States Army 12th Infantry Regiment​
1861 – 1862: Brigadier General of Union Army Volunteers Infantry​
1861: Brigade Commander at First Battle of Bull Run, Virginia​
1862: Commander of Sixth Army Corps in the Union Army​
1862: Corps Commander during the Peninsula Campaign in Virginia​
1862 – 1866: Major General of Union Army Volunteers Infantry​
1862: Brevetted Brigadier General for fighting around Richmond, Virginia​
1862: Corps Commander at Battle of South Mountain, Maryland​
1862: Held in reserve during the Battle of Antietam, Maryland​
1862: Supporter of Major General George B. McClellan​
1862: Commander of Left Grand Division at Battle of Fredericksburg​
1863: Reassigned to the Union Army Department of the Gulf​
1863: Union Army Commander at Second Battle of Sabine Pass, Texas​
1864: Wounded in the leg at the Battle of Mansfield, Louisiana​
1864: Captured by Major Harry Gilmor’s Troops in train near D.C.​
1864: Escaped from Confederates during night of July 12th
1864 – 1865: President of Board of Retiring Disabled Officers​
1865: Brevetted to rank of Major General for duty and gallantry​
1866: Resigned from United States Army on March 15th

Occupation after War:

1865 – 1888: Vice President of Colt’s firearm manufacturing Company​
1868: President of Board of Visitors at West Point Military Academy​
1872 – 1873: President of Commission for building new capitol in New Hartford​
1873 – 1877: Consulting Engineer for building of new capitol in Connecticut​
1873 – 1878: Water Commissioner for New Hartford, Connecticut​
1875: President Board of Engineers and Architectures U.S. Customs​
1876: Delegate to Democratic Party National Convention​
1876: Democratic Party Presidential Elector​
1877 –1880: Superintendent for building of new capitol in Connecticut​
1877 - 1878: Connecticut State Adjutant General
1880 – 1899: President of Board of Managers for National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers​
1889: United States Commissioner General for Paris Exposition​

Died: March 8, 1903

Place of Death: Hartford, Connecticut

Cause of Death: 80 years old

Cause of Death: Effects of Senility

Burial Place: Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, Pennsylvania

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