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Varina Anne Banks Howell Davis
First Lady of the Confederate States
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Born: May 7, 1826

Birthplace: Natchez, Mississippi

Father: William Burr Howell 1795 – 1863
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama)​

Mother: Margaret Louisa Kemp 1806 – 1867
(Buried: Cimtiere Mont – Royal Outremont, Canada)​

Husband: President Jefferson Finis Davis 1808 – 1889
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Married: February 26, 1845 in Natchez, Mississippi


Samuel Emory Davis 1852 – 1854​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
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Margaret Howell Davis Hayes 1855 – 1909​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

Jefferson Finis Davis Jr. 1857 – 1878​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Joseph Evan Davis 1859 – 1864​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
William Howell Davis 1861 – 1872​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​
Varina Anne “Winnie” Davis 1864 – 1898​
(Buried: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia)​

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Attended Madame Deborah Grelaud’s French School​
Tutored by Judge George Winchester​

Life Events:

1843: Met Jefferson Davis at Hurricane Plantation during Christmas​
Often referred to herself as a “half breed” because of her connections in the North and South.​
She enjoyed the Social life of Washington, D.C. While her husband was a politician in Congress.​
1854: Devasted when her first son died and withdrew for a short period from​
1855 – 1857: Served as White House Hostess during Pierce Admin.​
1861 – 1865: First Lady of Confederate States of America​
1865: Captured by the Union Army restricted to living in Georgia​
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Traveled in Canada and Europe after her husband was released​
Often Wrote letters to Virginia Clay​
1889 – 1906: Widow of President Jefferson Davis​
1890: Co Author of Jefferson Davis A Memoir

She lived in New York City, New York (Hotel Gerald, 123 W 44th Street)​
1898 – 1902: Owner of Beauvoir Plantation​
1902: Sold Beauvoir to Mississippi Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans for $10,000.00​
She was a friend to Former First Lady Julia Dent Grant​
She met Booker T. Washington at a reception she attended​
She Enjoyed a Daily Carriage Ride to Central Park, New York​

Died: October 16, 1906

Place of Death: Hotel Majestic, New York City, New York

Cause of Death: Double Pneumonia

Age at time of Death: 80 years old

Burial Place: Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia

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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!