CS Con Conrow, Aaron Hackett - C.S. Congressman, MO

Aaron Hackett Conrow
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Born: June 19, 1824

Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

Father: Joseph W. Conrow 1800 – 1852

Mother: Rachel Hackett 1804 –

Wife: Mary Ann Queensberry 1829 – 1901
(Buried: Shotwell Cemetery, Richmond, Missouri)​


Aaron Benjamin Conrow 1858 – 1948​
(Buried: Shotwell Cemetery, Richmond, Missouri)​

Political Party: Democratic Party

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Ray County, Missouri​
Ray County, Missouri Probate Judge​
1857 – 1861: Prosecuting Attorney for fifth judicial circuit of Missouri​
1860: Missouri State Representative​

Civil War Career:

Leading Secession Leader in Ray County, Missouri​
Leader in recruiting and equipping first company in Ray County.​
Served as Colonel in Missouri State Guard​
1861 – 1862: Missouri Delegate to Confederate Provisional Congress​
1862 – 1865: Confederate States Congressman from Missouri​
Supporter of the Davis Administration at start of his term.​
Opposed the President’s taking over of state militias.​
Advocate for total war​
Advocate for the extension of the draft age​
Advocate for curtailment of the exemption list.​
Voted in favor of the President taking all over the state militias.​
1862 – 1864: Member of House Post Offices and Post Roads Committee​
1862: Member of House War Tax Committee​
1864 – 1865: Member of House Public Buildings Committee​
1864 – 1865: Member of House Quartermasters Committee​
1865: Went to Mexico with Brig. General Mosby M. Parsons​

August 15, 1865

Place of Death: Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Cause of Death: Killed by Mexican Bandits

Age at time of Death: 41 years old

Burial Place: Unknown, some believe thrown in San Juan River

Memorial Place: Shotwell Cemetery, Richmond, Missouri
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
One of the reasons he fled to Mexico with General Parsons was to try and reach California and then take a ship to England.