★  Connor, Selden

Selden Connor

Born: January 25, 1839

Birthplace: Fairfield, Somerset County, Maine

Father: William Connor 1807 – 1883

Mother: Mary E. Bryant 1809 – 1897

Wife: Henrietta White Bailey 1839 – 1914
(Buried: Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta, Maine)​


Nettie Connor 1871 – 1871​
(Buried: Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta, Maine)​
Mabel Connor 1872 – 1962​
(Buried: Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta, Maine)​
Rosamond Connor 1880 – 1942​
(Buried: Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta, Maine)​


1859: Graduated from Tufts College

Civil War Career:

1861: Private 1st Vermont Volunteers Infantry Regiment​
1861 – 1864: Lt. Colonel of 7th Maine Volunteers Infantry Regiment​
1862: Suffered from effects of dumb ague and diarrhea​
1862: Slightly wounded during the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia​
1864: Colonel of 19th Maine Volunteers Infantry Regiment​
1864: Wounded in the left thigh Battle of the Wilderness, Virginia​
1864 – 1866: Brigadier General Union Army Volunteers​
1864 – 1866: Incapacitated from field service due to his injuries​
1865: Witnessed the Parade of Grand Army of Republic in Ambulance​
1866: Mustered out of the Union Army​

Occupation after War:

Assessor for Internal Revenue in Maine
Connor 1.jpg
Regional Collector of Internal Revenue in Maine​
1876 – 1879: Governor of Maine​
Advocate of Civil Service Reform and Supporter of resumption specie​
Promotor of the free School System in Maine​
1882 – 1886: United States Pension Agent​
1890: President Society of the Army of the Potomac​
1896 – 1899: Senior Vice Commander – in – chief of the Loyal Legion​
1909: His Addresses on Hannibal Hamlin were published​
President of Northern Banking Company​

Died: July 9, 1917

Place of Death: Augusta, Maine

Cause of Death: Nephritis of twenty – two years, abscess of the kidney

Age at time of Death: 78 years old

Burial Place: Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta, Maine
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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
That crippling wound to the thigh that he received at The Wilderness must have rendered Him somewhat unstable on his feet. He later suffered a fall that confined him to his home for two years. At least I'm assuming the two were related. Does anyone have the details of this accident?
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