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Buckland, Ralph P.

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Brigadier General
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Apr 11, 2016
NE Georgia - SC
Ralph Pomeroy Buckland

Born: January 20, 1812

Birthplace: Leyden, Massachusetts

Father: Ralph Buckland 1781 – 1813

Mother: Ann E. Kent 1788 – 1858

Wife: Charlotte Broughton 1817 – 1901
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio)​


Ralph Broughton Buckland 1839 – 1880​
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont ,Ohio)​
Ann Kent Buckland Dillon 1841 – 1930​
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio)​
Thomas Stilwell Buckland 1845 – 1846​
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio)​
Caroline Nichole Buckland 1848 – 1864​
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont ,Ohio)​
Horace Stephen Buckland 1851 – 1917​
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio)​
Mary Jerusha Buckland 1854 – 1860​
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio)​
Alson Kent Buckland 1856 – 1858​
(Buried: Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio)​
George Buckland 1859 – 1939​
(Buried: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio)​


Attended Tallmadge Academy in Ohio
Buckland 1.jpg
Attended Kenyon College​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Fremont, Ohio​
1843 – 1845: Mayor of Fremont, Ohio​
1848: Ohio Delegate to Whig Party National Convention​
1855 – 1859: Ohio State Senator​

Civil War Career:

1862: Colonel of 72nd Ohio Volunteers Infantry Regiment​
1862: Served under Sherman during the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee​
1862 – 1865: Brigadier General, Union Army Volunteers​
1863: Brigade Commander during the Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi​
1863: Received a fracture of right forearm, right hip and side when his horse was frightened​
1864 – 1865: District Commander in Memphis, Tennessee​
1865: Brevetted Major General in the Union Army​
1865: Resigned as Brigadier General on January 6th

Occupation after War:

1865 – 1869: U.S. Congressman from Ohio​
Attorney in Fremont, Ohio​
1866: Delegate to Philadelphia Loyalists Convention​
Delegate to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Soldiers Convention​
1876: Ohio Delegate to Republican Party National Convention​
1877 – 1880: Government Director of Union Pacific Railroad​
Had no full usage of his right arm due to his war fracture​

Died: May 27, 1892

Place of Death: Fremont, Ohio

Cause of Death:

Age at time of Death:
80 years old

Burial Place:
Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio
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