★ ★  Berry, Hiram G.

Hiram Gregory Berry


Born: August 27, 1824

Birthplace: Rockland, Maine

Father: Jeremiah Berry 1787 – 1857
(Buried: Achorn Cemetery, Rockland, Maine)​

Mother: Frances A. Gregory 1794 – 1857
(Buried: Achorn Cemetery, Rockland, Maine)​

Wife: Almira M. Brown 1824 – 1907
(Buried: Achorn Cemetery, Rockland, Maine)​


Lucy Frances Berry Snow 1846 – 1895​
(Buried: Achorn Cemetery, Rockland, Maine)​

Occupation before War:

Carpenter, Contractor and Bank President​
Maine State Representative​
Mayor of Rockland, Maine​
Captain of Rockland Guard in Maine State Militia​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: Colonel of 4th Maine Infantry Regiment​
1861: Served in the First Battle of Bull Run, Virginia​
1862: Brigadier General of Union Army Volunteers​
1862: Served in the Battle of Williamsburg, Virginia​
1862: Served in the Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia​
1862 – 1863: Major General of Union Army Volunteers​
1862 – 1863: Commander of Hooker’s Old Division​
1863: Killed by Sharpshooter at Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia​

Died: May 3, 1863

Place of Death: Chancellorsville, Virginia

Time of Death: 7:26 AM

Cause of Death: gunshot wound to his right arm entering his body

Burial Place: Achorn Cemetery, Rockland, Maine
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That participation leading the 4th Maine in 1st Manassas was under O.O.Howard's command. He was then reassigned to 3rd brigade in Hamilton's division which later became Kearny's Division in the 3rd Corps. He later commanded the 2nd division in the 3rd Corps succeeding Sickles who assumed Corps Command.