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William Barksdale Jr.

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Born: August 21, 1821

Birth Place: Smyrna, Tennessee

Father: William Barksdale Sr. 1778 – 1835
(Buried: Barksdale Cemetery, Smyrna, Tennessee)​

Mother: Nancy Harvey Lester 1784 – 1825
(Buried: Barksdale Cemetery, Smyrna, Tennessee)

Wife: Narcissa Sanders 1829 – 1875
(Buried: Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi)


Ethelbert Barksdale 1850 -​
Robert Barksdale 1854 -​
William Barksdale III 1856 – 1877​
(Buried: Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi)​


Attended University of Nashville​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Columbus, Mississippi​
Editor of Columbus Democrat Newspaper​
Served in the Mexican War as Quartermaster of Mississippi Infantry​
1853 – 1861: United States Congressman from Mississippi​

Civil War Career:

1861: Mississippi State Adjutant General & Quartermaster General​
1861: Brigadier General of Mississippi State troops​
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 13th Mississippi Infantry​
1861: Participated in the First Battle of Bull Run​
1862: Participated in the Peninsula Campaign​
1862: Participated in the Seven Days Campaign​

Cenotaph of Gen. Wm Barksdale,
Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS

untitled.png by Joe C. Furr, February 2007

1862 – 1863: Brigadier General of Confederate Army, Infantry​
1862: Participated in the Maryland Campaign​

1862: Participated in the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia​
1863: Participated in the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia​
1863: While on horseback, he led an assault at the Peach Orchard at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on July 2nd​
1863: He was wounded in left knee, followed by a cannonball strike to his left foot, and finally a mortal wound, a bullet to his chest, knocking him from his horse.​

Died: July 3, 1863

Place of Death: Union Field Hospital at the Joseph Hummelbaugh farmhouse, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Cause of Death: Wounds, Fever, loss of blood

Age at time of Death: 41 years old

Last Words: “Tell my wife I am shot, but we fought like hell.”

Burial Place: Barksdale Family Plot, Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi (No Marker)
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