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Daniel Weisiger Adams

Brig. General Adams.jpg

Born: May 1, 1821

Birth Place: Lynchburg, Virginia

Father: Judge George Adams 1784 – 1844
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​

Mother: Anna Mobrey Weisiger 1795 – 1865
(Buried: Unmarked Grave Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​

Wife: Mary Virginia Calloway 1836 – 1892
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​

Wife: Anna M. Bullus 1825 – 1890
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​


Anna Adams​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​
Dr. Daniel W. Adams Unknown – 1911​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​
Lizzie Adams 1845 – 1846​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​
George M. Adams 1848 – 1849​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​
Charles Scott Adams 1852 – 1900​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi)​
Mary Louise Adams Johnson 1869 – 1955​
(Buried: Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.)​
Colonel Daniel Weisiger Adams Jr. 1872 – 1957​
(Buried: Adams Cemetery, Old Fort McDowell Co., North Carolina)​


Attended University of Virginia​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana​

Civil War Career:

1861: Member of Louisiana Military Board to prepare state for war​
Lt. Colonel in the Confederate Army​
1862: Wounded in the head during the Battle of Shiloh​
1862 – 1865: Brigadier General in the Confederate Army, Infantry​
1862: Participated in the Battle of Perryville​
1862: Wounded to the left arm during the Battle of Murfreesboro
1863: Wounded in the left army during the Battle of Chickamuga​
Commander of a Cavalry Brigade in Northern Alabama, & Mississippi​
1864 – 1865: Commander of the District of Central Alabama​
1865: Participated in the Battle of Selma, Alabama​
1865: Participated in the Battle of Columbus, Georgia​

Occupation after War:

Attorney in New Orleans, Louisiana​
Real Estate Businessman in New York City, New York​

Died: June 13, 1872

Place of Death: New Orleans, Louisiana

Cause of Death: Massive Stroke

Age at time of Death: 51 years old

Burial Place: Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi
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South Texas
That head wound at Shiloh cost him the use of an eye. He had just taken over command from a fallen Adley H. Gladden in front of thr Hornet's Nest.
The bullett entered just above the left eye and exited behind his left ear.This "head wound"caused blindness in the left eye by severing the optic nerve. The ambulance driver assumed Adams was dead and threw the body out after finding him unresponsive. He was found to be still alive by passing soldiers of the 10th Mississippi.