Period Sauce-Toubnee


May 5, 2018
Crossroads of America

This seems to be just a white sauce...any thoughts? And what exactly is "white stock"?

From Mrs. Beeton:

Ingredients. — 1 pint of white stock (No. 107), thickening of
flour and butter, or white roux (No. 52G), a faggot of savoury herbs,
including parsley, 6 chopped mushrooms, 6 green onions.

Mode. — Put the stock into a stewpan with the herbs, onions, and
mushrooms, and let it simmer very gently for about 3 hour ; stir in
sufficient thickening to make it of a proper consistency ; let it boil for
a few minutes, then skim off all the fat, strain and serve. This sauce,
with the addition of a little cream, is now frequently called veloute.

Time. — i hour. Average cost, for this quantity, 6d.

Note. — If poultry trimmings are at hand, the stock should be made of these;
and the above sauce should not be made too thick, as it does not then admit
of the fat being nicely removed.

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