Tell me more! Original Colt Revolvers - Replacing Front Sight

Nov 1, 2018
Discussion Portion:

Would it be considered sacrilege to replace the worn out front sight pins on my original Colt revolvers?
Does the fact that the gun might have one other repro part already in the gun change your mind about the decision to replace the front sight? What if I am able to find an original front sight for doing the replacement?

Practical Advice Portion:

We do shoot our original Colts, so the worn down front sights are problematic. Has anyone ever replaced the front sights and where did you find them? I haven't been able to find any original sights from the usual sources like Lodgewood, S&S Firearms, Numrich. Would any repro sights (e.g. Pietta) precisely fit the original Colts and where can I get them? Is it hard to do a replacement? My understanding is that you just peen the new front sight in. Not sure how hard it would be to remove the old ones.

Any practical advice would be appreciated. I am not going to do anything until I have considered the advice of the Forum members. I've been humming and hawing about doing this for several months, and I finally realized its best to ask you all first. Thanks!
Nov 1, 2018
OK, thanks for the input (and I already knew what your reaction would be UCVrelics :wink:). However, I have received only 2 replies out of the 57 that viewed this post. I thought there would be more feedback, tips, etc.

I wonder if I can rig a temporary sight (i.e. make no structural changes or mar the surface of the metal in any way) for the times we take them out to shoot? Any ideas?


Jan 2, 2020
The only thing I can think of would be some type of plastic or rubber ring that would slide over the end of the barrel and fit over the muzzle and have a raised portion on it that you could paint either white or yellow to get a site picture.

Jeff in Ohio

Oct 17, 2015
You ask about replacing "pins" which suggests you are not talking about the blade sights that are inserted into slots in the barrel. I have had Colt Navies where the front sight was gone, leaving a small round hole in the barrel. If you have such an empty hole, it would be easy to tap a pin into it and then adjust the height of the pin. But how difficult it would be to get that original pin out, I don't know.
I would leave it as it is and aim high at the target!