Lewis Armistead's Uniform

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Sep 19, 2014
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As you can see by this cover picture, Captain Cuthbert Slocomb, of the Washington Artillery had various uniforms, but the one that has the most wear and repaired bullet holes is his sack coat in the middle. Slocomb was wounded twice in service and the coat evidences repaired bullet holes and associated blood. I strongly encourage those interested in relic hunting and general uniform information to consider a subscription to this fine magazine.
Interesting info about the uniforms. On a side note, here is a link that has further info and close up views of them from an auction service.
Jun 22, 2017
General Armistead was maybe the most endearing character in the Gettysburg film. His enormous empathy for his West Point friend, General Hancock, went beyond touching. He was the prime example of a person possessing a heart so blessed that at a time when he knew death was inevitably near, not concerned with his demise but instead saddened of hearing that the friend/enemy he truly loved may be suffering the same fate. A more golden example of a courageous and empathetic death there cannot be. Dying, yet, his great courage beamed the enormous quality of what a good and righteous man was he. His death depicted one of the great sorrows of the Civil War that made enemies of people whom you cared for so dearly.
Yes! All you said I agree with. He was a very endearing person with a great heart.


Jan 29, 2014
Southern Louisiana
I find General Lewis Armistead to have been a very lonely person, and he knew instinctively that this would be his last battle.
Not to get sidetracked with Hollywood things, but wasnt the actor playing Armistead dying during the production of that film? I seem to remember reading he kept it secret as well and knew it was his last film role.