Interesting documentary. Who is this actor?

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Apr 8, 2018
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I'm didn't get too far into this, but I don't think the actor should. His face is a little too fat, he doesn't cut the same figure as Forrest, and the facial hair was way off. Plus the uniform was horribly farby, but it ain't near as bad as in the History Channel's "Aftershock" Reconstruction documentary, (not one I'd recommend to anyone).

But you've brought a terrific idea to my mind while looking for this actor, if there were ever to be a Forrest movie, why not pick out a professional grade-A actor for star power who can resemble him, not to mention get a correct accent down, and take all the pictures of General Forrest and digitally reconstruct Forrest's face on the actor's? Some folks talk bad of that being done to bring a long dead actor, and an actress 40 years older for one of the more recent Star Wars movies, why couldn't it be done to bring Forrest back to life on screen with startling accuracy? I think that's what needs to be done, "bring" Forrest back to life.


Jul 23, 2016
Thanks for you input. I would like to point out that my post was not all about who would play Forrest in a movie. In addition to thinking that the actor was doing a believable Forrest, I thought the commentary by various historians was very interesting. I liked the documentary for reasons besides the actor's portrayal of Forrest.

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