Ammo Buck n ball

Don Dixon

Oct 24, 2008
Fairfax, VA, USA
On 26 August 1862 BG Gorgas gave COL Mallet, in his capacity as superintendent of laboratories, a to-do list which he was to accomplish immediately. Point seven on the list was to explore “Putting up buckshot cartridges for Enfield and other rifled guns (an elongated buckshot cartridge can be used – but if a compact one could be devised it would be preferable.” If the average Confederate soldier was a competent shot with his rifle musket, why would Gorgas place such a priority on developing a buckshot cartridge for the rifle musket, which would use it most inefficiently? [emphasis in original] (Gorgas to Mallet, 26 August 1862, James Mercer Garnett Papers, Library of Virginia)

Don Dixon