Edged Wpns Brunswick bayonet dated 1845 questions


Feb 19, 2021
Greetings to all! I’m trying to figure out exactly what I have here. It’s clearly marked and after reading previous threads on this site and the interwebs, I understand the blade markings. But the crosspiece seems a little different from the photos I’m seeing
and I have no idea what the hilt markings mean. There is an “A” and a “53” and a tiny stamp just above and slightly right of the “53” mark.

This bayonet was stored with ACW items. Is there anything about it that would indicate it was or could have been used there?

The blade length is 21 3/4”, oal is 26 3/8” and it has 27 ribs.

Also, if anyone has a scabbard for one of these, I’d love to see a picture. I believe it’s supposed to be leather, and it’s possible I have one for this bayonet. Knowing what I’m looking for would make the search easier :smile:. There is a bit of mold on the leather, too, and advice on dealing with that would be appreciated!


Feb 19, 2021
After seeing the hilt stamps right next to the blade, I think you are right about the date.
About the mold, no, I don’t mean the brass tarnish. The room where this was stored must have had some period of roof leaking or other high humidity incident(s). Many leather items found there have mold or perhaps mold residue at this point. It’s hard to see on the small bit but here’s a photo of a larger piece with the same mold. I have 25 or more leather items in the same state and am looking for the least damaging effective solution.


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All of the above posts are very informative and correct in helping with your bayonet. The scabbard was leather with a brass tip. Just try the blade into all your scabbards that look correct. If it fits, it's correct.

This Brunswick type of barrel lug was in all likehood "copied" by Cook & Brother for some of their later Confederate bayonet mountings.

The photos below are one of a CSA purchase which has been hand numbered {173} to match the Brunswick rifle which it fits. This type is a front latch. The other type would have latched at the breech end of the lug.
20210222_084311_resized (2).jpg

20210222_084146_resized (2).jpg

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