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Oct 10, 2012
Mt. Jackson, Va
Well, after a two year hiatus, I'm returning to host the Abraham Lincoln Forum. I will STILL be the host of the Sherman Forum as well. It has kind of troubled me that this forum has not had a host for some time now so I'm going pitch in and try to keep things moving along, so to speak. I mentioned this some time ago in the Sherman Forum but I have a slight connection between Lincoln and Uncle Billy. My gr - gr grandfather on my mother's side was an officer on Sherman's staff. His name was Major John McRae, and he enlisted in the army with the 7th NY Militia. Somehow he hooked up with Sherman and became a member of his staff. According to his obituary in the old Newark Evening News, he would personally deliver messages from Sherman to the President when use of the telegraph was not possible. With the death of Lincoln in April, 1865, John was Sherman's representative at the funeral. So with his familiarity with both Lincoln and Sherman, I feel somewhat connected to the two great men and I would like to contribute to both of their forums.
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