Summer trivia game scores - Final

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Feb 20, 2005
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Three months wasn't long enough to break a logjam at the top, and we wound up with five co-winners for the summer game. Congratulations to @DBF, @FarawayFriend, @lelliott19, @Stony, and @Wallyfish, all of whom missed only one question apiece during June, July, and August. All have been winners in the past.

Here are the scores for all the players who had at least three correct answers, or an average of one per month, during the summer game.

DBF 530
Faraway Friend 530
lelliott19 530
Stony 530
Wallyfish 530
luinrina 520
WJC 520
Soldier Boy 500
SWMODave 470
Big Sarge 460
hughes 460
Kurt G 450
ErnieMac 440
Brenal 420
captaindrew 410
General Casey 400
Ole Miss 380
sarladaise 380
gentlemanrob 360
Eleanor Rose 320
kholland 260
Michigander 260
Mike Serpa 260
JOHN42768 220
scone 200
connecticut yankee 170
christian soldier 150
Stone in the wall 150
MRB1863 130
Ian.a8404 70
Mary_Ellen_Woods 40
streetwiseprof 40
Booner 30
BrianB 30
GELongstreet 30
James N. 30
Mint Julep 30
wingatecivilwar5 30

An additional 41 players participated in the game during the summer months, but answered fewer than three questions correctly.
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Aug 25, 2013
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That was a real tough thing all summer long!! Congrats to all my co-winners and a big thank you to all submitters of questions and all who played.
I'm only ranking top because of the generous scoring by @hoosier, who occasionally allowed several alternative replies to some questions. Thank you for that!
And I can tell you, I'm still at a loss how anyone (and there were more than 6!) could find out about the one question I really missed. It was about someone who was not a combattant but did a lot for the Army and became a popular target for enemy snipers. I half-jokingly answered "Lincoln", but actually it was Thaddeus Lowe - and for the life of me I still have no idea how I could have found out about him.
Unfortunately the source given did not open for me, so it will remain a mystery.
Therefore hats off to all who answered that one correctly - you are the real Trivia Kings and Queens here!


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Nov 26, 2015
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Congrats to the winners and all who played. I spent way too much of my summer mornings researching the questions. I am at Chautauqua for much of my summer and the wifi is painfully slow. Thanks Andrea for bringing up the Balloon boy question. That wound was just starting to heal too.

Thanks to Hoosier and Ami as they gave up a piece of their summer too by keeping the game going. Maybe next summer we could have a two or three question Monday with answer divulgement Friday mornings during the summer season. That way we get our trivia fix without losing our precious summer time.