August-September Trivia Game Scores - Final


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Feb 20, 2005
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For the first time in recent memory, we have a single winner for the trivia game. Congratulations to @ErnieMac, the only player who answered all questions correctly over the course of the two months.

Polloco, sarladaise, and WJC finished tied for second, having missed only a single question.

The list of all those who accumulated at least 20 points over the two months is below. Note that the rule requiring players to submit a new question at least once during the course of each game is still in effect. An asterisk next to a player's name indicates that player met that requirement. For players who don't meet the requirement, I will still show the score, but they would not be eligible to be declared a winner. Note that our first and second place finishers all met the requirement.

ErnieMac * 270
Polloco * 260
sarladaise * 260
WJC * 260
Brenal * 250
streetwiseprof 250
stuart1861 * 240
bayouace * 230
Ole Miss * 230
kholland * 220
warbird43 * 220
gentlemanrob * 215
JOHN42768 * 200
FarawayFriend * 180
Reconstructed Rebel 100
JeffFromSyracuse 70
DBF * 60
SandiD 60
Biscoitos 50
James N. 50
VMIKeydet 50
Pat Answer 40
Fairfield 30
Johnny Shafto 30
Kyle Kalasnik 30
MRB1863 30
Pea Shooter 30
Hag 20
Mike Serpa 20
roberts 20
Texas Yank 20
trice 20

We had 40 players who scored 10 points over the two months and 9 more who played at least once but did not have a correct answer. I will mention the names of hughes and Peace Society, each of whom met the requirement of submitting a question but only scored 10 points, since they didn't answer any questions correctly other than the one they submitted.
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