Ammo Pattern 1853 Enfield Ammunition


First Sergeant
May 29, 2019
Dublin, Ireland
Its an fascinating topic. I haven't done much research into the ammunition used during the war or era only the firearms themselves so far. This article led to other discoveries such as the Boxer v Berdan primer debate. Ill enjoy delving more into the history of ammunition.


Apr 15, 2021
Lucky for me and my wallet I've found a source for swaged Enfield and Pritchett-style bullets over here in UK to shoot through my Musketoon and Pritchett rifles. The shipping for a couple of hundred 550gr bullets must be truly eye-watering now that I don't have the advantage of using military mail facilities. I fully intend to try out some of Brett's cartridges later in the year when he's back home safely.

IMG_4212 - Copy.JPG