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Jan 24, 2017
"One of the favorite stories that made the rounds of the campfires had as its central character an awkward eccentric who was far better acquainted with the Bible than with tactics. In one version of the yarn, the hero was Hackett and the details were as follows:

The guard-house was located just inside the Fort entrance and a bridge spanned the moat to the entrance. Once, when Captain R. was officer of the day, it was his duty to inspect the guard at least once after midnight. Hackett was at Post number one, near the gateway of the Fort. It was a dark, rainy night, when Hackett heard Capt. R. approach, and called out 'Who comes there?' Captain R. being on one side of the bridge, stumbled and fell headlong into the moat; as he fell he exclaimed in a loud voice , "J___s Ch___st!" Hackett faced about and called out promptly, 'turn out the Apostles, J___s Ch___st is coming.'

Then the guard helped the captain out of the moat." The Life of Billy Yank, Bell Irvin Wiley